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What’s the point of entering college? Just to get a degree and use it as a ticket to something big paying afterwards? That is quite a shame. With WTFP, you will be given the enlightenment you need on what college is truly all about, let alone being an age of majority teenager or simply someone of the young legal age. And this is yet another massive creation of the folks at WTF Bucks, where they have incorporated all of the greatest niche sites you could ever need when it comes to college based porno media. To be exact, there are 11 niche sites included in the site and that is something one’s subscription gets. From amateurs to hustler couples, they’re all here to serve your reality college porn sensation.

A truth that must be told is that WTF is half-mixed, which means to say while the initial videos you might see are professionally done, right from the acting to the recording, there are copious amounts of real and raw footages submitted by actual college junkies. All in all, there are 1,450 plus videos creating several thousands of scenes for any subscriber to live for. With the college hotties alone, you’ll feel so rewarded for the little things that you put up for getting hooked up. All of the scenes are original and with every piece and episode, there’s something new to learn, it could be a new position or some realizations on some angles.

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