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We all have our favorite superheroes, don’t we? The funny thing is that they are actually being mocked in the world of porn. In case you haven’t heard the news, let me give you a quick review on the two mock videos by WeLiveTogether, which is one of the porn sites you will never forget. And I know, 2015 is still a long way to go. There will still be at least more than 15 months until that year comes, and there are still a lot things that can happen until then. But in the movie industry, it would be good to know that a lot of big blockbuster films are in the works that will surely rock everyone’s worlds. So listed below are just a few of these films that movie addicts (including myself) will look forward to in 2015, but are actually parodied by We Live Together.

Man of Steel 2″Man of Steel 2″ : Sexy Batman versus Naughty Superwoman

Yes, ever since it was announced in the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con it has stirred a lot of controversies and questions were raised especially when it was announced that former Daredevil and Argo superstar Ben Affleck will don the cowl and cape in the second installment of Henry Cavill’s Superman. I don’t know about you all but I am sure as hell as excited to watch this as the next We Live Together version over and over again. It features a macho guy who hides under the bat and a Superwoman showing off her tits. They fuck together in the Bat Cave and forget their duties because they will die someday anyways, might as well live together in ultimate hedonism. 

The Avengers: Rise of the Sex-O-Machine

Okay maybe I’m sensing a trend here. 2015 may be a year when comic book movies will rise and take over the movie industry. This second installment of the super successful Avengers movie is Marvel Comic’s very own version of a comics based movie including Antman as well as the reboot of Fantastic Four which will also be released in 2015. For the WeLiveTogether.com version, it’s a group of college kids wearing Avengers costumes. They play a game of dare and then they fuck each other. Yet, they have fun and live like it’s 2012, before it was actually 2012.

The real premise of We Live Together, however, is lesbian porn, which is why apart from the two mentioned above, it’s almost all lesbian porn. Lovely. You get great bonuses like the two mock videos per month and get to enjoy over 533 HD lesbian porn videos for only 19.95 dollars a month. I don’t see any reason not to subscribe.