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It’s about to go down (for real) with the heavy and wild The GF Network which contains thirty-two websites dealing with girlfriends and young models. This is the biggest amateur homemade themed floating rock online that we’ve found so far, and the sites inside it promise to bring satisfaction to all humans who love hard porn. There are videos inside – My Ebony GF, Badass Girlfriends, Oral Girlfriends, GF Melons, Jizz On My GF, GF Hardcore, My GF Loves Anal, My Lesbo GF, etc. As you can see, the websites are named according to the type of select niche that’s meant to be showcased. They’ve sorted babes according to race, offering Asian, Indian, ebony, Arab, Latina, and Caucasians.

Any other ethnicity can be found in the many films here including exotic females and stuff. Another glimpse of information from the titles of these films is that there is arrangement of content according to categories. There are sites dealing with lesbians only, pov porn, anal, oral sex, big tits, revenge style porn, cumshots, orgasms, bbw ladies, non nude, hardcore, interracial, ass, voyeur sex, reality films, public fucking, and so on. There’s much amounts here, it’s in the thousands, that’s for films and jpegs. With 32 websites, of course the amount is not going to be a problem for these guys to dish out. In the websites, the picture content is excessively sporadically spread. Some have zip files; others don’t, although the general standard for the resolution is something all the website agree on at medium size quality.

But you should know that this place is more interested in films, maybe that’s why there is so much neglect of the pictures. The finest examples of videos are in high definition, 720p, and the websites adding content are more than those idle are every week. Some of the websites here unfortunately have dug themselves into niches that are hard to come by, like Indian girlfriends doing hardcore!

It’s not such a big issue since even those with such special niches still manage to pick up their weight and move forward with updates, though very less frequently. Amateurs here are thousands, and they do the filming and performing, so maybe that’s a contributing factor to the resolution quality issue. The websites feel genuine the way they do content, and scenes seem refreshing diverse.

There may be some crossover niches, and with a network this large, that can be true, but they do check on that and keep it at a minimum. You’ll have your favorite websites, like anal girlfriends and lesbians, and will like those sites that are general hardcore scenes without having to result to one single monotone genre. In terms of surfing, there are all the features with minimal clutter and it looks good because all websites have uniform presentation. The GF Network is thus far impressive, improvements on quality videos and jpegs notwithstanding. Visit them.