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Ahh good old teen porn has always been a favorite of mine as I have always enjoyed seeing these 18 and 19 year olds getting naked and fucking in front of me. That did of course mean that I was over the moon to be asked to check out Teen Mega World because anything that includes the words teen and mega will automatically grab my interest.

The first thing that I noticed when I logged onto their main site was that this is a network that pulls together 30 different sites in some kind of huge teen porn empire. This is seriously cool and the way in which this main site has been structured allows you to just see what is going on elsewhere in the network as well as providing you with the opportunity to search according to a whole host of criteria and this does just make life so much easier.

I need to point out that you have well over 3000 different scenes to choose from and I would hate to imagine how many different teen porn stars appear on this network as the number must be huge as well. You also get an equal number of photo sets to perv over and the two work well together and provide you with a complete porn package.

Virtually all of the content that is available on Teen Mega World is exclusive to this network and that does mean that they have been pretty busy when it comes to making porn and I love them for that single reason. They also vary the content enough to keep it interesting, so you are not just blasted with hardcore fucking, but there are also some softer solo shots that will tease you to the point of distraction, but it is all good in my opinion.

Would I tell people to join Teen Mega World? I would have to say that I would and simply because I think that anybody that enjoys teen porn of any description could do with being a member here for the sheer amount of porn that you are going to be given access to. This site has some of the hottest teen chicks I have ever seen, so go ahead and bite that particular bullet and sign up now.