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Stunning 18 is a website that is in the same stack as others that are owned by the MetArt-Network. It is going to benefit from the services of professional staff and from one particular great Antonio Clemens. Another most obvious benefit that they will get is from having exclusive updates to give members. Makes the member special, knowing only here can they see this sort of stuff. Part of the main characteristic of this website is its assertion on having everything stunning! The models must be stunning, the website, the presentation, the information, features, and updates – everything just bloody stunning!

This OCD compulsion that they have helps them have top quality. They need it for erotica photography. For the membership price of thirty dollars (less if you take advantage of discounts), the tour inside this place can be underway. The speed in which this place keeps on changing the amount of content they have is good. It’s almost like they can do daily updates if they wanted. But for sure, you will have multiple updates every week. The updates look like magazine style spreads with all the color-filled glamour visible.

You get details on the different aspects of the updates that these guys have made. First, they give credit to the photographers. They let the Stunning 18 discount members do the commenting, and they let them rate, and they will let you do the same once you sign up. Indexed pages, easy navigation, glossy covers and designs, beautiful models, young models (legal), slideshow feature for pictures, models names, links – just listing some of the things you get. The digital clarity of the pictures is so large it leaves you with stunning views of the models.

What of issues with the movies? First, they have multiple media formats. Second the resolution is good and in HD, and third you will have streaming and downloading rights. The women who are all in the tentative young ages of eighteen years old (and slightly older) do plenty of teasing and modeling in the pics\movies. Most of them don’t have large bushes of hair on their body so you get a pretty intense look at them.

The videos have musical backdrops while the lighting is atmospheric and leaves no shadows for the best views. The live cam action links and deals for other website of interests are yours to explore when you want. Average length of time for movies is ten minutes. They have numbers not the largest but they are updating so you have to be patient. Stunning 18 website offers more in their package if you want to increase what you get through various deals they have.