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Stranded Teens sounds like a horror flick more than it sounds like the name of a great pornsite! But it’s a pornsite that has some interesting material. You have probably seen many movies that show you hot teens being left on the side of the road, completely stranded. Well this site takes this fantasy one step further. First of all the gals look amazing. They also need a lift very badly and are willing to get talked into hardcore sex just so that they can show their gratitude for being picked up. Things are definitely hot inside this site so let’s begin the review.

This particular site is not very old considering they came online in the year 2014. They however have tried to ensure they stick to their weekly updating schedule. They don’t have a massive amount of porn as of yet since there are some 13 videos inside. They do have a flash player for streaming and file formats for downloading. They also have impressive HD mp4 files. You will find the blowjobs very sloppy indeed, the hardcore sex is penetrating, and the filming is very good all round. The videos inside come with high res images. You can download the images and view them later since they also offer you zip file formats.

The action plays out in pretty similar fashion. The camera dude is full of questions when they roll up to the teen asking for a ride. All this talk however doesn’t disguise the fact that he wants to see how she looks naked. The conversation is steered towards sex very fast. The gals is dared to do one thing, flash a boob, then suck a cock, before long she is moaning and getting fucked. The sex happens inside the car, on the sidewalk, in a deserted outdoor place. There is plenty of cumshots.

The Stranded Teens discount website has a navigation that looks nice and easy to grasp. You will be able to rate and comment, model index is available, and sorting options are also there. Membership to this site means you can also visit the Mofos, a network full of sites with more babes and hardcore niches. There are many different girls inside this network and it’s definitely amongst the best in the business.

Stranded Teens has high quality productions in a very captivating manner. With the more material that they add this is going to be a terrific site. Otherwise it would be a hard sell indeed considering the low content count that they have. For this one maybe you should give them some time to beef up or you could just jump right in if you feel you cannot wait. It’s all on you!