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Reality Kings is one of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry today. Right now, they say that they are the most trusted site, with the most girls, most updates, and most members anywhere on the web. As soon as you log on, you are given a tease of some of their girls as they flash a disclaimer in front of you, and dare you to enter. When you do, they throw you right into the nasty hotness that is Reality Kings.

Lets look at some of the stats for a moment. Six thousand of the best models on the web, twelve thousand different scenes, all derived from their ten thousand movies. You read that correctly. Ten thousand full length movies of every genre and niche that has a name. Ebony, creampie, redheads, anal; they have something on this site for everyone. The best part about Reality Kings is that it is linked with thirty eight other sites that let you fill in any gaps that are left by Reality Kings. Trust me, there are not many.

The homepage is set up as a wall with all of the latest updates to the site, which is updated three times a day. Here you will be given small peaks and trailers for the videos that you see on the site. They are divided by genre and also which ones have the most views. Beneath these previews are trailers and links to each of the other thirty eight sites. Considering all of these sites, models, and movies together, Reality Kings has the largest collection of adult material anywhere on the web. They have received a half dozen awards for their work in industry, stemming from their models as well as their production crew and the awesome reality kings discount they have.

After all, this is a professional site and was one of the very first to adapt high definition porn in the mainstream. When you try to join, you are given several options for payment and membership lengths. For two days, you will pay $4.95, which is more than most sites, but given the quality of Reality Kings, it is a great value. For a full year of membership for $7.95 a month, a sixty percent discount from the full price.

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