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Once a man thinks that he is better than others, then it is his burden to be right all the time. That is merely a waste of time. A perfect man is probably the most useless in this world. No woman will ever want to deal with someone who only believes in himself. A man does not see women as property nor see himself as an owner to those he loves. For loving requires the courage to set free all those around him. By then, they would have chosen to be a part of him. This is how women fall in love with men tot he point of vowing to be of his for the rest of his life. This is how it all goes with PropertySex.

When you tell people something and yet, they don’t listen, you should be happy. You just have found someone who thinks that he is so important. It is always a relief to do away with such company knowing what people are really up to. Now, this is the kind of man you would want to avoid to become.

Once again, set free and you shall own them. Don’t make a woman feel like she’s being tethered and she will fall in love with you, she will resolve to be under your providence, she will resolve to always put out for you whenever you need such intimacy to quell your angst. The guys here in our new favorite site is really good at that and I have learned lots from them, in which case I know you will learn from them too.

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