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PornFidelity interests us because of the kind of material they have, highlighting a married couple having sex with hot third party babes. The couple? Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan. One is a pornstar who has made a name for herself over the years. The legality of their marriage is solid and they have been together for some time. Reasons why their marriage works? Copious amount of outside-marriage fucking.

This site takes you and gives you hardcore porn that shakes the faith you had in marriage fidelity. Kelly gets to have some female company, and Ryan gets to fuck wife and a friend at the same freaking moment in time! You will note that most of Kelly’s friends are equally famous and you have seen them in other porn movies. Recently though, the PornFidelity discount site has been featuring a lot of material and Kelly is a bit m.i.a! Nevertheless, Ryan is still around, fucking as always, maybe it’s just a temporary thing as Kelly takes care of her other official site. All this is speculation on our part, but what we care about is the material really.

There are things we fully accepted inside this site. The cinematic filming quality first of all is really high-level standards. Those standards mean that you get half hour movies. They have 1080p and 720p films inside. These are great HD streams you can enjoy plus they have mov, windows, flv, mp4 formats. The video gallery is immense with one thousand one hundred and eighty plus movies offered. The picture gallery has 1300 plus picture-sets. You will see many fantasies being played out, costumes, bondage play, and various genres offered. Mostly it’s a threesome scene. You get to see many pornstars, different shapes and colors, have fun with the couple. They produce high res photography work. As a member you have daily updates streaming in refreshing the hardcore sex happening.

Also big big big advantage of joining this site must be the bonus site included, Teen Fidelity. Those of you who eagerly join big sites and networks in the hopes of hoarding up hardcore porn by downloading continuously and endlessly will have to put a hold on all that, once they join this site. Why? The daily limit of 20 GB that is in place. The higher the quality of the film, 1080p HD, the bigger the file sizes you get. So, you have to do some careful selection considering the download limitation. However, this is just a slight inconvenience for most members.

All the material from PornFidelity is highly exclusive. Truly, the site does many things correctly. They have the high caliber quality films, the pornstars inside are many, Kelly is there, hardcore sex…it’s just a site worth joining.