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Apart from PASS sites, there are other labels that would distinguish massive porn sites. A good one would be the word STUDIOS. So today, we are going to talk about one of the most celebrated sites of the said label for reasons that you could have never thought of. For one thing, it was originally a porn site that focus on one story cut into different parts and episodes. Now, it has become one of the most massive pornographic resource schemes where every vid actually resonates to the original plot that was set. It’s called the MPL Studios and let’s discuss the important bits of it now.

This porn site tells a tale of a boy named Janroy. The story is set in a utopian world in a way that everything was brought to order by a strict set of rules. Thus, everything is dictated to everyone concerning what is inappropriate and what must be done for the safekeeping and undisturbed harmony of the controlled society. As Janroy turns 17, he, among all other 17 year olds, is assigned a specific role in the community through a ceremonial gathering. He was chosen to be the birthmaker. That marked the beginning of his sensual quest where he must fuck all of the beautiful ladies he could find so as to continue the legacy of a world of beautiful creatures. Apart from this plot line, there are several other categories that contains hundreds of videos each, allowing the subscriber to watch something that would match his taste.

This STUDIOS site has been around for over 6 years now and who would have thought it would grow as vast as it is today. Apart from the original 20-episode series that the team has created for the MPL Sexual Pursuits, there are other niche sites incorporated into it, ranging from MILFs all the way to college frats and sororities. They are either directed by professionals or taken in real view by amateurs. They are either intended creations or submissions. Either way, they are all steaming hot, listing up to over 5,000 videos all in all.

Expect the best from every aspect of the MPL Studios discount site and do not even dare leave amiss the photo galleries they have prepared for all the viewers. That is where you will find lots of specifics that you might have missed and you will surely get to know the porn stars all the more with the attachment of their life stories.