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Sometimes, the name of a person really affects the course of his journey in life. If anything, I have noticed that most of the Michaels or Mikes that I know actually end up being successful in whatever it is that they try to pursue and show across the globe. Take for example Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan and all the other Michaels out there. You get my point. Today, we’re going to talk about a successful porn site that goes by the same name of its creator/founder. He’s called Mike Adriano and let me discuss briefly his porn excellence.

Mike Adriano is a porn site without a plot per se. Mike amuses himself by amalgamating several porn references that he deems significant to life, which are cited in the different chapters of this phenomenal and most controversial written account of his own, who happens to be the hero of the story. Mike finds himself “unstuck in time” and this gave the series a way around racing the hero through time whimsically, going back and forth as it becomes necessary in the portrayal of important events in his life. Nevertheless, Mike’s life is presented without a true and linear narrative line that is concentrated with too much intellectual drinking that leads (all the time) to a sexual encounter. In simpler terms, this first creation of our guy is actually a porn site that focuses on sapio-sexually driven attractions.

So basically, the site is based on a series that our creator/actor himself has written years before he has finally put his dreams into digital actions. While this is the main juice of the site, it has actually expanded with several different compartments that praises other niches. That means to say his site has become a network and a portal for other sites to be accessed, giving the subscribers more variety to choose from. As of today, you can enjoy over 8,000 videos, where the 500 belongs to his own while the others are from specialty niche sites that you would surely basked yourself under like the lovely sun.

Mike Adriano definitely nails it, and yes, there’s a pun intended in that line. The updates happen every week and they are all presented in the What’s Hot? section of the home page. Furthermore, the guy has promised his devotion and you will see the manifest of that vow thought the excellence of his creations.