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It can mean different wondrous thing for you when you select the website called – LifeSelector! First important things is that you will be regulating what you watch. This interactive way of porn watching offers a different approach and feeling all together. You choose which girl you want to be yours for the night, and there are great options for you.

You can then move on to select what kind of scene it will be; they have different sex situations for you. The choices you do take will lead to exactly the kind of result that you want. Therefore, you can choose to spank and slap that as, get into blowjob action, even go for some hair pulling and nasty doggie sex positions. It can be interesting to see where your passion will lead you as you make the choices. Option for threesome sex and interracial hardcore are open.

It is not clear exactly how much interactive this website is until you start pealing back the covers once inside. First, they have the models ready to go, most being beautiful, and the rest downright gorgeous! You may know some, seen them about, and you get information about the girls. The variety of ethnicity and background is amazing; the website pulls the girls from so many different countries. They like saying they give you the girlfriend experience and this may mean that the girls are young, hot bodies, curvy, and girls you can see yourself with.

You get to play out different fantasy characters that you can select. So, the options for your character are many, depends on what you select from the options given. The interactive elements here just keep on piling, and you get to have different camera experiences. They have POV porn, facials, director’s view, lesbian, teen, and solo. Again, these are options that are selected by you; giving you momentum to do as you want with the sexy girl you have chosen.

There is a menu for selecting thing like trailers, models, shows, and you can search according to latest and top rated. You will be dipping into hundreds of stories with different ending and content, roughly around 680+ scenes. This changing of the story to fit your different moods is something special about this website. You can use the online player and flv format to stream/play the movies. The quality is pleasing to the eye in terms of resolution quality and other technical specs. The sound is clear and intense. The online player adapts to the environs of your screen size to give you great picture quality.

Pushing the edges and carving custom boundaries is what our LifeSelector discount aims to accomplish, with you at the wheel steering and navigating. There is probably no other pornsite out there doing this for their members, its different and it definitely seems to be working. You should pay them some serious attention and check out their interactive action!