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I Know That Girl is not simply a phrase, apparently it is now a bona fide porn site. They have hardcore and they have sexy gals. The site is more amateurish hardcore than the normal porn star hardcore.

The premise they are basing their material on is to give people material that features gals who look like former girlfriends. Whether they are really ex-girlfriends featured inside, or whether they are just acting, is a discourse that we will leave up to you and your cohorts to discuss! You can look around before signing up for anything inside the Tour Page, just to familiarize yourself with the smut action these guys are providing.

The thing that this “I love” porn site has done superbly is to dish out High Quality action. Every morsel inside, when it comes to the videos, is HIGH DEF quality. With this kind of perfection in terms of quality, this site definitely passes our first quality check test!

I Know That Girl has lots of amateur porn, reality porn, and young adults porn. They also have 262+ movies that play for a good thirty minutes. You get all the familiar formats like wmv, flv, and mp4, plus they have various bandwidths, mobile formats, and streaming/downloading capabilities.

On the picture side, you get 262+ galleries having 100 or less pictures in each set. “Can you download the sets?” Yes, using the zip file provided. The site’s Weekly updates (hopefully) will make the galleries swell with material in the coming days.

The big bonus you receive is access to a network going by the name MOFOS Network. This mammoth network will fill in the extra time you have on your hands as you wait for more material from this site. At least that is an option that you can explore and another reason why you should consider joining this site. They also have super fast speeds for those downloading material, which is always very welcomed!

For those who go to porn sites looking for “glam-like” navigation features, you might be a bit disappointed with this one. What they have is something functional, but very plain. You can browse various scenes, sort some stuff out, but no advanced menus and tools that will “wow” you!

There are no other major pitfalls and everything else can be chalked up to a growing site that is bound to improve and implement better tools and features.

“What do we think about I Know That Girl?”

Honestly, they have something worth investing in. Even if everything seems pretty standard, you have gems like “network access” to help you find value in buying a membership. They have a solid base on which they can build on and it’s exciting to see what they make of this opportunity.