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We love the reality coed hazing that goes on inside this porn site “Haze Her”. We love coeds and anything that has to do with young sexy sorority gals. What makes this site stand out is the quality of the lesbian action, the creativity, and the element of reality porn brought out by its material. 

To give you a slight glimpse of the material inside, let us tell you the kind of sexual shenanigans the new coeds are made to endure thanks to their “big sisters”. As the hazing begins, the gals will be striped, told to work with sex play toys, licked, fingered, groped, penetrated, sometimes punished with spanking, and made to take part in hot gal-on-gal action.

A lot of the Haze Her material has been put through a blender with lesbian, reality, amateur, hardcore niches thrown in as ingredients to come up with mischievous sexy hazing porn. If we were to affix this site a certain percentage in terms of entertainment value, we would give them a solid 95%. 

For this site, the true value lies deep in the episodes that they produce. The models inside make the material come alive and they are so entertaining to watch as they haze or get hazed. The level of Femdom in play will make your nuts vibrate with wanting as you click from one mouth-watering scene to the next. The concept is well produced thanks to some sharp focus on the part of the directors and the ever willing, hyper sexual coeds.

As for the amount of pictures and movies inside Haze Her, you will have to tone down your expectations. This site has only been operational for a couple of years. Their archives have around 53 movies and 53 picture galleries. 

The movies, even with the haze her discount are full episodes in wmv and mp4 formats. A lot of them are in High Def mode. There is a nice Flash Player for streaming and the episodes can play for almost a whole hour. The pictures and screen caps are lovely and you can use the .zip pack file to download them.

Every episode has some information and description so that members know exactly what is going to happen to those tight, perfect-assed coeds. Armed with your membership, you will be able to locate bonus sites that will give you more material to watch. 

The one main issue many will have with this site is that they aren’t enough movies and pics in the galleries. And even though they are slowly adding new action every week, many consider their updating pace a bit sluggish.

The thing people do not realize is that reality sites with such unique conceptual material usually are slow in updating new material. This doesn’t mean that the numbers will not increase; it just means you will have to practice a bit more patience and stick with them like a dedicated fan is supposed to. 

This sorority sex-hazing site has strong material that is beautifully edited and shot. They have a solid format and layout and the only thing missing is more material but the updates will soon take care of this issue. If you do not mind the small numbers or the weekly updates, Haze Her is a coed porn site worth checking out.