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The premise of GF Revenge is that it is a user submitted site where users get to submit videos of their ex so they can reveal the wild side of their ex for the whole world to see. It seems pretty obvious the entire thing here is staged which means they were not user submitted. There are 273 videos and they look like they were indeed done by amateurs as there are even times when the person doing the camera work gets into the action. It is just a shame how the videos can’t be downloaded so you have to be contented with streaming them at the Flash player.

You don’t have to worry too much since it offers good quality playback. There was one weird scene that started with a naked chick at a party. She obviously had one too many drinks as she whips out the cock of the cameraman and they head upstairs to finish what they started. The crowd loved that but you have to love the excitement in each video and you would wonder if something like that would happen in every party.

The content is updated weekly so a new video will greet you every week when you come back for more. There is a variety of chicks in this website as you will jack off of naked white chicks but your cock will also get hard in the sight of busty latinas.

This site is really worth joining when you take a look at the gf revenge discount and once you get over the fact that you can only stream the videos. As long as you have high speed Internet, you won’t have a problem with that. You will be shocked at how beautiful the girls here are as they got some real tight abs which means they don’t eat as often as guys with beer bellies do.

After seeing the videos on GF Revenge, you would wonder if anybody already won the cash prize or they won’t care about the prize since they just got revenge on their girlfriends. If the girl wanted herself exposed then the videos show she loved being naked in front of the camera.