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FemJoy has a serious thing going on that involves loots of beautiful females, and top quality production. This site has been very upfront about the material they produce from the movement they came out. They do 3 updates every week that are comprised of 2 videos and 14 picture sets. They really beat their chest when it comes to how many different gals and models they have on display (750). It is a source of pride for them that they can bring such beautiful erotica to thousands of fans. They have some flavors, more tricks up their sleeve, and we were very eager to find out more about these guys.

What you see on the tour page is what you get inside the members area. The only difference is that you will be able to now access some 11290+ picture sets and over 620 video galleries. You get tabs like community and members options, where you can do things like adding favorites, looking at archives, and generally getting seduced and filled with burning yearning, as you look at all the fine female specimens that they are offering! The traditional color scheme that you see in glossy magazines is pretty the same scheme you see inside this site. Classy and very chic, they definitely do try to put their best foot forward.

The FemJoy discount site is user friendly and that is a very important thing many people over look. It doesn’t matter how erotic or how beautiful your babes are, if you cannot navigate easily inside the site, members will be mad! The model roaster that they brag about is full of different beauties, from natural looking gals, to models, to super gorgeous divas. You will be able to access various thumbnails inside so that you can preview the material. You will find ratings and comments from other members. They thankfully do have HD videos inside. They also offer you mobile formats, wmv, QuickTime, and the flash player for streaming the action. The shooting and the elegance they go about doing their thing is what will draw many to this site. It’s not hardcore at all, its sensual softcore and glam core material, the purest of female erotica!

You will notice that the quality of the pictures definitely outweighs the quality of the videos, since these guys are really into nude art photography. The pictures have huge pixel quality that can reach 4000 pixels or more. The settings, the gals, the angles, lighting…every minute detail seems to be perfect and that makes the picture galleries superb.

FemJoy is for those who have refined their porn taste and are more interested in exotically beautiful babes, glamour, and nude art. The site looks very professional with very few issues. If erotica is your most beloved niche of porn, you should check out this site!