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FakeCop is a reality porn website that uses fanciful stories of cops to show you some realistic porn scenes. As you can tell, the fake part about the cops is the part that they are real cops. The cops warn the citizen that if they continue sucking and stroking, then they are going to be shot with great loads of jizz right on their faces. If you would just like something a bit different then this is the best place to begin that long search. The producers here make the movies fun to watch and the policeman angle is thrilling. It is also an incredibly effective way of picking up women in the streets cause no one can ignore when a cop wants to talk to you.

Everyone involved here uses the role-play fantasy to have sexual fun, so let us have a deeper look inside. These guys roll with the FakeHub.com network and the network contains other websites with other theme niches. The whole network works with the fake reality type of filming with a ton of different British babes and Europe models invited. Anyway, back to the cops and the sex, you will find the British models here attractive. The sexy models exchange some dialogue when they are interacting with the cop, this is minutes before they have the cops cock deep in their mouths or assess.

The dialogue part of the movie is sufficient to keep things rolling on, it is not overly dramatic. You will find that sometimes they switch things by having a female cop do the searching and stopping. She manhandles them and gets to have sex with other females and guys. The producers are clearly trying to be innovative in all areas. You will see basic hardcore niches like interracial, threesomes, lesbian, public nudity, fantasy hardcore, blowjobs, and the rest of the mainstream niches. They use POV angles to show you just how great the closeup action can look like.

They also have third party camera angles, and the professional crew makes really good content. There are videos only here, no picture galleries so far maybe they will consider adding them in the future. You will have other websites to touch and explore when you get access to the network. The variety of the videos from this network is made up of many niches; the models are also very different.

You may find that the FakeCop discount is a growing website that is making new sexual type of content for you, for reality porn lovers, so you have to give them some time to grow. They make weekly updates. The added bonus network makes the overall deal a bit more bearable. You may want to check out their brand of material further once you get inside.