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Every single day is a day that we must strive to become better people. This should rather be a fully active pursuit, very much like the way we pursue our lifelong ambitions. Changes in that of the behavior, however small they may seem to be, can have a truly lasting impact so long as you fully work to make it part of who you are. But it’s funny how this guy we are going to tackle today just could not change the habit of trapping women into situations that make them submit into kinky pursuits. We’re talking about the Fake Taxi here.

By reading the title alone, you can pretty much surmise the very premise of the site. Yes, it’s about a cabby that we can call as the Sensually-driven Taxi Driver or in short STD who is always out there, waiting for a chick whom he could lure into his ruse. But sometimes, I think it’s really the motive of the women. They would most of the time have no money with them and tell STD that they have left their wallets home and that they would do anything just to pay the driver. And so he would present his proposal, tell the woman that he can give her the ride for free as long as she would ride him. She agrees and they both benefit from the experience! It’s the kind of life all those freeloaders want to lead and it is actually something we can consider as epic.

The premise of the Fake Taxi discount is indeed purely simplistic. But then, it is very appealing and impact. It’s way of cutting things is short and concise and so you would fall for it right away and not regret the decision of letting yourself immerse into its promises that are indeed always fulfilled. 500 plus videos are currently injected into the site database. All these videos are good for at least 45 minutes each. You get to hear them talk and how it eventually goes into the whole sex thingy. The best part, many of the videos are actually indirect, spontaneous and purely unscripted with girls who don’t initially get to know they are being filmed.

Fake Taxi is a legend that continue to lives on with its hero we now know is called STD. You’ll love him and you‘ll love the girls and it just makes you realize how wonderful the world truly is with how you can make an opportunity happen with your position in life. Like a cabby would know his way to fuck his lady passengers!