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Erotica X is the maybe the best of two, that’s hardcore and the erotica. Maybe because these two different spheres of pornography are so different that it’s hard to put them together. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why many people haven’t been too successful at joining them. Could be another reason why this website came up with this sort of niche cause there is a definite market out there for it. Also again, it could explain why the website, so far, has only managed to do a couple of good movies and their numbers haven’t reached hundreds just yet.

But you also have to consider that this website is new, and they are updating so time will tell if they last in the game. Regardless of this, let’s look at what is here. Because of mixing in the natural bodies and the natural scenery of the environs, the result is movies that appeal to the authentic mind of the viewer. This simply means the EroticaX videos are exclusive and they make you start believing that these couples are really in the clutches of sexual pleasure. They look really turned on and they make foreplay look glorious. Soon as the couples are fully erect and wet they are then doing the lovemaking and showing everything under the bright lights of the cameras. You can say the couples take their time knowing the body and making it react back aroused through the foreplay they entangle in.

This kind of movie is very different from amateur films, or even the over the top hardcore that you see online nowadays. The website (the producers that is) know that sex is also much more into the emotions of those doing it, and they wanted to show it here. Feedback from you comes in the way you comment and rate the videos. That will be inside the members area where there is also the blog with news plus they offer various promotional deals and up-sells you can look at. The videos and pictures and model index are separated, you can create an account and start adding favorite videos (basically everything they have so far for us!)

When you play the media (in formats like mp4 and wmv), you have choices – small video resolution for mobile devices mostly to large HD files. The videos will be running on your screen for twenty-five minuets averagely. Photos come at 1900 pixel resolution, linked to the scenes and description of the scenes.

The only thing about Erotica X is the numbers, but again they are new and are updating. Conclusion is that, first of all is… Wow, and secondly you need to consider this one for they appear to become stunning if what they have inside is an indication to go by!