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Dancing Bear comes dancing your way and drops on your lap some birthday, party debauchery action that shows you wild women doing wild things. The parties are all filmed and showcased inside this site. You will find that the main niche inside is Clothed Women Naked Males (CFNM) fetish action. The party gals are in real parties according to the site. Many of them go all out and have sex and get naked and the party never stops! There are complete collections of videos and pictures inside, plus some benefits that you will enjoy as a member including 6 bonus sites. Let’s do this then!

Inside is where we discovered that this site is part of bang bros network. And these guys don’t mess about when it comes to producing good quality porn. The male strippers come from a stripping company by the same name. They go to the parties dressed in some form of bear suit, or bear costume. Once there they dance while removing their clothes, the ladies get horny, grab hold of the stripper and suck or fuck him as the bash continues. As you will see from the material inside, everyone looks like they are having lots of party sex fun and the entertaining action is nicely produced/filmed just for you.

We said that you are receiving bonus sites, right? Well, the Dancing Bear discount sites will offer you more niches and material, plus, help you while-away the hours while you wait for another installment of party girls sex sessions. The sites you get as bonus offer niches from teens, reality, hardcore, public sex, and much more. From this particular CFNM site, you are receiving 108 episodes with 108 picture sets available. The episodes are long, spanning more than 75 minutes. The picture galleries also have lots of individual pics inside each set. Other goodies? They have 720p HD movies. Older scenes are more mid quality. Everything still looks great. You have 3 streaming options. You get windows media, mp4, mobile file formats. Zip sets for the images are available.

The site may not have thousands of videos or even be in the upper five hundred video mark because they have a rather slow updating speed. It’s hard to stomach that they only offer one update each month. The bonus material they offer does make things bearable at least. A more personal touch would also be great, and more information about the models.

What is Dancing Bear all about? Fun parties where gals can really go all out and strippers get lots of mouths and hands to help them reach orgasmic pleasure. The chicks are entertaining to watch as they offer different blowjobs. Overall, this is an okay site, and you will feel better since they offer bonus sites with their membership admission. Check them out!