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The sexy gals inside utilize their bodies and have lots of hardcore sex. In this case, the gals are not selected because of their acting skills; they get a shot only if they can bring extreme pleasure to the viewer using their sex prowess. The new amateurs are here to lay down their pussy and asses and be penetrated hardcore so that they can become pornstars. The females you will see inside the tour page are just but a small sample. The sensuality that they display is both attractive and it is the reason why the gals are selected in the first place. The only true way to make it in the porn business is to make sure that you fuck a lot. And that is what all the gals inside this site are here to do.

We saw the site has some famous pornstars but the bulk of its material feature gals who are new and raring to go. The quality of the stream HD movies is super good at 1080p formats. What they do have is long movies, fifty minutes length at times. The camera angle is also something to consider since the POV angles make things truly fascinating. 128 plus films and an equal amount of picture galleries inside is available. They have mpeg, mp4, wmv formats. Weekly refreshed galleries and videos are going to keep you entertained inside this site.

Some people are too critical about the way the site presents the material and themes they produce. Some want the auditions for first time amateur gals to be so utterly convincing. But really, it’s all about having fun, seeing hardcore amateurs getting fucked! Therefore, we don’t consider this issue of authenticity of the material such a biggie. But we would like bigger resolution images, the likes of 3000 pixel resolution and above! The ones they have are big, just not big enough considering the current trends in the industry. And more content guys!

We undoubtedly think that Casting Couch X has value, for those into watching amateurs being fucked, for those into high quality filming, for those into looking at hot bodies fuck, and orgasms/ cumshots shared all over!