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Alluring Vixens website has ladies like Allie, Aneta, Chrissy, Claudia, Elaine, De, Glori, Hoshi, Kimmy, and hundreds of others who are beautiful and here for you only! Who are these girls? How do you know them? Where do they come from? What are they up to? Why are they here for you only (although truth is told other members can also see them and have fun with them)? So, these are many questions, so let’s start with the first and work down the list as you learn more about the membership deal being offered here.

The offer is real and the issue of who are the girls is simple – the best-looking females you have laid your hungry eyes on in a while. The ladies all look like they could easily become the next hottest erotic model with international recognition. But you know who is the most blessed person in this situation (aside from you as you get access to the content that’s in here) it’s the freaking photographer! Wow what a great job they have right! Looking at dynamite models in all kinds of revealing sexual outfits, panties, bras, lingerie, and modeling position, and then telling them what to do to look even more amazing. (Now, that is job some of us would pay for to get literally!)

Anyway, the mastermind is said to be Michael Bell, an inspired soul who loves the female body. What the guy does is take pictures and films of the models, and then do post production work on them so that they are glistening good and ready to be consumed by you.

There are hundreds of Alluring Vixens discount videos and pictures, normal models come and have more production work done on the picture side of things. You will lean this as you click on the models page where most have several picture shoots and some movies, ratios of 3-1, 4-2, 25-7 and so on (that’s picture to movie respectively). But, some models work more the short films, have more of those, but generally you get hundreds of materials to watch.

Many models are here, body type being big and small, some very big tits, some lithe, Asians and Europeans, long hair and sort, etc. What is beautiful is their face and their bodies, don’t doubt that. The girls strip and seduce, movies are normally short under 10 minutes, plus features to save the HD films are available. Online you can play films or pictures, save pics (but where is the zip files guys? They need to add that feature), surf mobile and pc optimized version, and get information on the updates. Other goodies include interactive forum and wallpapers to save, so that’s the gist of the website Alluring Vixens. It’s an entrancing erotica assortment!