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Brazzers Discount

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When most people think about the biggest title in adult entertainment, one name comes to mind: Brazzers. Everyone has either been to or at the very least heard of this infamous site. In case you are new to internet, Brazzers has the best high quality porn on the web today. They have over fourteen hundred smoking hot models that have starred in all of Brazzers five thousand videos.

Now, once you get past their little disclaimer page, you will be able to see the what all of the buzz is about. Brazzers is not one of those cheap porn mills, where anyone with a camera and a model makes a video and calls it porn. This site is made by some of the top professionals in the industry. Every film is made with high definition cameras and filmed by a professional. There are no shaky cameras or action that is hidden behind a pillow or lampshade. You will feel like you are just a fly on the wall, unless you are watching a point of view video.

Along with the great amount of videos, there are five thousand different picture sets that are also high quality on Brazzers. Not only that, but a superb brazzers discount accommodating the temptation. When you first log on to the site, you see all of the latest updated pictures and videos. This section is updated three times daily, bring in close to ten new videos and pictures each time. Beneath the latest updates bar, there is a section that is dedicated to the most popular videos of the week, along with upcoming scenes.

As though this is not enough action for one site, when you join Brazzers, you will instantly gain access to thirty other websites that are also high quality. Joining Brazzers is simple. A two day trial is only one dollar. That’s right, one buck for access to the sexiest website on the internet. If you decide to go for the entire year after your two day trial, then you will only pay $7.95 a month for the discounted price.

So get out of here, and go over to Brazzers and see the best in adult entertainment.


Reality Kings Discount

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Get Reality Kings for a month at 56% off (only $17.95)


Reality Kings is one of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry today. Right now, they say that they are the most trusted site, with the most girls, most updates, and most members anywhere on the web. As soon as you log on, you are given a tease of some of their girls as they flash a disclaimer in front of you, and dare you to enter. When you do, they throw you right into the nasty hotness that is Reality Kings.

Lets look at some of the stats for a moment. Six thousand of the best models on the web, twelve thousand different scenes, all derived from their ten thousand movies. You read that correctly. Ten thousand full length movies of every genre and niche that has a name. Ebony, creampie, redheads, anal; they have something on this site for everyone. The best part about Reality Kings is that it is linked with thirty eight other sites that let you fill in any gaps that are left by Reality Kings. Trust me, there are not many.

The homepage is set up as a wall with all of the latest updates to the site, which is updated three times a day. Here you will be given small peaks and trailers for the videos that you see on the site. They are divided by genre and also which ones have the most views. Beneath these previews are trailers and links to each of the other thirty eight sites. Considering all of these sites, models, and movies together, Reality Kings has the largest collection of adult material anywhere on the web. They have received a half dozen awards for their work in industry, stemming from their models as well as their production crew and the awesome reality kings discount they have.

After all, this is a professional site and was one of the very first to adapt high definition porn in the mainstream. When you try to join, you are given several options for payment and membership lengths. For two days, you will pay $4.95, which is more than most sites, but given the quality of Reality Kings, it is a great value. For a full year of membership for $7.95 a month, a sixty percent discount from the full price.

Head over to Reality Kings and check out the largest collection of adult entertainment on the web today.


Casting Couch X Discount

Up to 75% off Casting Couch X Discount

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Get Casting Couch X for a month at 67% off (only $9.95)


Casting Couch X doesn’t ask you to get into all sorts of twists and knots wondering whether the material they have is legit or it’s all faux material. They just deliver the content they have and you just have to watch it and be entertained plus aroused. Okay, the material they have is porn auditions. You get to have a day spent behind the camera seeing all the things that go into porn auditions.

The sexy gals inside utilize their bodies and have lots of hardcore sex. In this case, the gals are not selected because of their acting skills; they get a shot only if they can bring extreme pleasure to the viewer using their sex prowess. The new amateurs are here to lay down their pussy and asses and be penetrated hardcore so that they can become pornstars. The females you will see inside the tour page are just but a small sample. The sensuality that they display is both attractive and it is the reason why the gals are selected in the first place. The only true way to make it in the porn business is to make sure that you fuck a lot. And that is what all the gals inside this site are here to do.

We saw the site has some famous pornstars but the bulk of its material feature gals who are new and raring to go. The quality of the stream HD movies is super good at 1080p formats. What they do have is long movies, fifty minutes length at times. The camera angle is also something to consider since the POV angles make things truly fascinating. 128 plus films and an equal amount of picture galleries inside is available. They have mpeg, mp4, wmv formats. Weekly refreshed galleries and videos are going to keep you entertained inside this site.

Some people are too critical about the way the site presents the material and themes they produce. Some want the auditions for first time amateur gals to be so utterly convincing. But really, it’s all about having fun, seeing hardcore amateurs getting fucked! Therefore, we don’t consider this issue of authenticity of the material such a biggie. But we would like bigger resolution images, the likes of 3000 pixel resolution and above! The ones they have are big, just not big enough considering the current trends in the industry. And more content guys!

We undoubtedly think that Casting Couch X has value, for those into watching amateurs being fucked, for those into high quality filming, for those into looking at hot bodies fuck, and orgasms/ cumshots shared all over!


PornFidelity Discount

Up to 33% off PornFidelity Discount

Access PornFidelity for one month at 33% off (only $19.95)

Get PornFidelity for three months at 33% off (only $19.98/mo.)


PornFidelity interests us because of the kind of material they have, highlighting a married couple having sex with hot third party babes. The couple? Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan. One is a pornstar who has made a name for herself over the years. The legality of their marriage is solid and they have been together for some time. Reasons why their marriage works? Copious amount of outside-marriage fucking.

This site takes you and gives you hardcore porn that shakes the faith you had in marriage fidelity. Kelly gets to have some female company, and Ryan gets to fuck wife and a friend at the same freaking moment in time! You will note that most of Kelly’s friends are equally famous and you have seen them in other porn movies. Recently though, the PornFidelity discount site has been featuring a lot of material and Kelly is a bit m.i.a! Nevertheless, Ryan is still around, fucking as always, maybe it’s just a temporary thing as Kelly takes care of her other official site. All this is speculation on our part, but what we care about is the material really.

There are things we fully accepted inside this site. The cinematic filming quality first of all is really high-level standards. Those standards mean that you get half hour movies. They have 1080p and 720p films inside. These are great HD streams you can enjoy plus they have mov, windows, flv, mp4 formats. The video gallery is immense with one thousand one hundred and eighty plus movies offered. The picture gallery has 1300 plus picture-sets. You will see many fantasies being played out, costumes, bondage play, and various genres offered. Mostly it’s a threesome scene. You get to see many pornstars, different shapes and colors, have fun with the couple. They produce high res photography work. As a member you have daily updates streaming in refreshing the hardcore sex happening.

Also big big big advantage of joining this site must be the bonus site included, Teen Fidelity. Those of you who eagerly join big sites and networks in the hopes of hoarding up hardcore porn by downloading continuously and endlessly will have to put a hold on all that, once they join this site. Why? The daily limit of 20 GB that is in place. The higher the quality of the film, 1080p HD, the bigger the file sizes you get. So, you have to do some careful selection considering the download limitation. However, this is just a slight inconvenience for most members.

All the material from PornFidelity is highly exclusive. Truly, the site does many things correctly. They have the high caliber quality films, the pornstars inside are many, Kelly is there, hardcore sex…it’s just a site worth joining.


MC Nudes Discount

Up to 73% off MC Nudes Discount

Access MC Nudes for one month at 33% off (only $19.95)

Get MC Nudes for one year at 73% off (only $8.32/mo.)


One of the perks of being a kid is that no one will have any suspicion upon your innocence. You see, I had this experience when I was a kid. I was 11 years old (and I didn’t really look any much older than an 8 year until I was 13) and my 16-year old girl cousin was taking a bath, I sneaked on her while she was doing her thing as there was a hole on the ceiling underneath my bedroom which she didn’t know about. It was tiny but enough to let me see. Ah, that kind of experience was really worth the masturbation. But gone are the days that I have to risk ruining some family ties with the help of my most favorite pornographic sites that goes by the name of MC Nudes. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this cool site, but may have not yet gotten inside it.

What you don’t know about this porno goody site? A lot. First of all, you should know for a fact that they have all the things you need. For one thing, they have the boobies and the teenage cutey titties. They have the asses for your magical glory. Most importantly, all of these are by girls who have the most beautiful visages, physiognomies that would go beyond your mental perception. In other words, they are epic and they will be all you need as fap materials. The models are indeed smoking hot you won’t have time to get the alcohol and just automatically draw that D out for a session in the junk room, you know what I mean.

I wouldn’t say that the videos in this site are random. They are rather unique with some being even unprecedented in my opinion. All the models are hot and that would be the case in all the 487 videos that you get to enjoy. The format of the videos are set to high quality or even HD for many. You can also filter the search bar for short clips of 5 to 10 minutes each, to full movies of 45 to 60 minutes each. Kyla Cole, De Souza and the Anetta Keys, care for them? Yup, they’re all at MC Nudes.

For 30 days of fun with the MC Nudes discount offer, all you have to pay for is $19.95 a month. Apart from the set videos, get to enjoy the updates and more features to come soon. Overall, with the thrill and jam packed action this site has to offer, it lives up to its 5 star reputation.


POVD Discount

Up to 67% off POVD Discount

Access POVD for one month at 40% off (only $17.95)

Get POVD for one year at 67% off (only $9.96/mo.)


When life gets to you, you shouldn’t take it personally because everything is just happening based on how you are moving as a human person. You know, it’s like doing business, only in a much more colossal sense. So before you go all ballistic about the things that you cannot control, relax yourself and just chill with the cool stuff the world today is able to offer. If you’re really tired and bummed out and can’t seem to find a good way to make yourself happy, just go ahead and watch porn. And today, I’m going to review a realistically imbued pornographic studio called POVD.

When you come to read a book, it has different point of views and sometimes it would settle for one and sometimes it would be a take turns between two types of POVs. With this site, you’ll be sure as hell that you’ll be like that character in Medal of Honor, you know, like you’re the actual character playing, only in a kinky sense. The POVD discount access is known to produce the best quality, more to the point, high definition, perspective videos that are really worth the grabs. In order to make your feel like you’re in the actual scene, thus giving you the kind of ultimate satisfaction you need, the site lets you seemingly lets you swim into the action by having you watch porn in the first person point of view.

As a perspective type of sensual multimedia entertainment hub (wow, that took long, but somehow seemingly necessary), it goes beyond what one could expect from it. Rather than sticking into some monotonous venture, it lets you experience 15 various sources that have been producing the finest POV type porn videos. That being said, expect an innumerable amount of items to choose from. Also get to know all the more many of the finest porn stars in the closest take you can have of them. Natalia Starr, Holly Michaels and several others more of the same prestige and class, there are more of them where they come from in this portal.

Overall, the content of the site together with its high quality and HD videos really culminate to a substantial porn resource. With the price so cheap at $9.96 per month as a running promo, you certainly could not look for more with POVD.


CumLouder Discount

Up to 75% off CumLouder Discount

Access CumLouder for one month at 67% off (only $9.95)

Get CumLouder for one year at 75% off (only $7.45/mo.)


From the name of the network you can already make an idea of what’s inside. In their ad page a dude is holding a girl like a pet dog and she was acting like a puppy. After checking out some videos from their tour pages I found out that they do almost everything with the girls that will give you nasty and wild feel that helps to keep on going. This network is a new one is the field but regular daily updates have made their collection a huge one. This is a very good sign so if you sign up here now you will be having fresh content for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have already managed more than hundreds of the gorgeous Latina and Spanish porn stars.

The network was launched in November of just 2011 so don’t expect thousands of contents here but till now they are providing regular updates that have already made a few hundred available here. Well, the guys of CumLouder have already won a lot of hearts with their hardcore contents. To make it more accessible to the members of different origins it can be viewed in three languages. They are English, Italian and Spanish. They provide only original content and you can download them in great speed. If you check out the member’s area you will get very professional design.

Every network includes some bonus sites so as the CumLouder discount website. It includes 17 web sites together and members can enjoy all the contents of those bonus sites without any extra charge. So, you will get variety of contents if you sign up here and they know what “variety” means. Some of the sites are Fucking Van, Street Suckers, Spoof Porn and Latina Asses in Public. All the contents are dated here and members can rate the contents too.

You will get a lot of browsing tools to find out desired porn. Right now CumLouder presents more than 307 episodes for the members viewing enjoyment and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded player for about 40 minutes. Every episode has its own photo gallery as a result 307 galleries are available here and each one of them includes about 80 photos. Members can download the full length movies in WMV, MPEG-4 and iPod or PSP compatible format. In the model index you will get short bios of all the models that have performed in the contents.


Club Seventeen Discount

Up to 66% off Club Seventeen Discount

Get Club Seventeen for a month at 66% off (only $9.95)


It seems like everybody’s launching a porn site nowadays. There are a lot of professionals in this line of work and all you have to do is just pay them. They will fuck each other and record it for your site. Get one or two famous porn stars and you can fuck them yourself. Finally, add their names on your ad pages and you have your porn site ready. Well, it may seem easy at the first glance but this is not how it’s done. For example, if you want to launch a porn site on teens you just can’t start without any idea about it. So, firstly choose an all rounder site as template and in this case you can take Club Seventeen discount as an example. It is a mega site that provides only European cute teens.

The site was launched in 1975 so it is online for so many years. This is why always remember to enable cookies before you sign in if you really want to enjoy the contents of Club Seventeen along with the extra contents. The production team of this site did a great job and they definitely include some professionals. As they are in this business for a long time they know what they are doing. Every membership of this site includes some bonus sites. It means members can enjoy full access to all the bonus sites and their contents without any extra charge.

Club Seventeen promises and provides more than 3,000 legal teen models in both soft core and hardcore flavored contents with a lot of excitement. They cover almost all the popular niches you can think of. Well, if you get bored of watching archived videos and need some live action you can also have it here. The girls are available here to chat anytime in 24 hours. There is a model index where you will get short bios of the models that have performed in the contents.

Design of the site is very impressive and there are a lot of navigating tools to find desired contents. They have over 4048 videos available here and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded flash player for about 40 minutes. Members can download them in MP4 and WMV formats. Well, they also have 4048 galleries and each one of them includes about 40 photos. Fresh content is added as update multiple times in a week.


Dancing Bear Discount

Up to 67% off Dancing Bear Discount

Access Dancing Bear for one year at 67% off (only $9.95/mo.)


Dancing Bear comes dancing your way and drops on your lap some birthday, party debauchery action that shows you wild women doing wild things. The parties are all filmed and showcased inside this site. You will find that the main niche inside is Clothed Women Naked Males (CFNM) fetish action. The party gals are in real parties according to the site. Many of them go all out and have sex and get naked and the party never stops! There are complete collections of videos and pictures inside, plus some benefits that you will enjoy as a member including 6 bonus sites. Let’s do this then!

Inside is where we discovered that this site is part of bang bros network. And these guys don’t mess about when it comes to producing good quality porn. The male strippers come from a stripping company by the same name. They go to the parties dressed in some form of bear suit, or bear costume. Once there they dance while removing their clothes, the ladies get horny, grab hold of the stripper and suck or fuck him as the bash continues. As you will see from the material inside, everyone looks like they are having lots of party sex fun and the entertaining action is nicely produced/filmed just for you.

We said that you are receiving bonus sites, right? Well, the Dancing Bear discount sites will offer you more niches and material, plus, help you while-away the hours while you wait for another installment of party girls sex sessions. The sites you get as bonus offer niches from teens, reality, hardcore, public sex, and much more. From this particular CFNM site, you are receiving 108 episodes with 108 picture sets available. The episodes are long, spanning more than 75 minutes. The picture galleries also have lots of individual pics inside each set. Other goodies? They have 720p HD movies. Older scenes are more mid quality. Everything still looks great. You have 3 streaming options. You get windows media, mp4, mobile file formats. Zip sets for the images are available.

The site may not have thousands of videos or even be in the upper five hundred video mark because they have a rather slow updating speed. It’s hard to stomach that they only offer one update each month. The bonus material they offer does make things bearable at least. A more personal touch would also be great, and more information about the models.

What is Dancing Bear all about? Fun parties where gals can really go all out and strippers get lots of mouths and hands to help them reach orgasmic pleasure. The chicks are entertaining to watch as they offer different blowjobs. Overall, this is an okay site, and you will feel better since they offer bonus sites with their membership admission. Check them out!


Pink Visual Discount

Up to 75% off Pink Visual Discount

Access Pink Visual for one year at 75% off (only $7.83/mo.)

Get Pink Visual for three months at 25% off (only $23.31/mo.)


Pink Visual Pass the sites inside this network are reality based and have some very intriguing material. Coming from the creative minds of the Top Bucks Company, this network has won various awards and has been producing quality material for some time now. You have probably never heard of many of the sites inside this network but that doesn’t mean that they are not good sites. The network pass you receive is what you need to rummage through all they have in their galleries, full access.

They have added more sites into their roaster and have like 38 sites, a big improvement from the first time we saw these guys. And the sites inside have material that ranges various reality themed hardcore sex scenes. We are talking about anal, teen, lesbian, milfs, coeds, first time sex action, amateurs, etc. The sites inside have material that ranges from over 200 episodes to some having 50, but each site has something to offer the viewers. When the numbers are tallied up, the network is delivering more than 2560 models, more than 2050 picture sets, and 2050+ videos inside.

This bulk of material that lands on your lap is also very nicely shot and produced. You are receiving downloadable formats in 720p HD resolution as well as high res photography. They have flash formats inside coupled with downloadable wmv, mp4 files. They could really use a more versatile amount of file formats so that members can choose what they like best. The sites inside with our Pink Visual discount look a bit generic, without so much individual personality. The network design is relatively good. The standard quality that is seen in the design throughout the sites (and network) means you are getting reliable services. From the main network central spot, you will be able to see all the sites and visit them if you want. For the babes, you can find all of them inside the model index.

Small but helpful things you will find inside include ratings, comments, descriptions, search tools, and matching pic sets to the movies. The material inside is provided to other affiliate company sites as feeds so you might find some of the content this network provides out there in the market. Also, the older versions of the pics/movies inside are a bit low and mid resolution quality. Every month you are member, you are going to increase the amount of material you can download by double. They start you off at 15 per month.

In terms of quality, it seems that large portions of the sites inside Pink Visual Pass are getting better. There are things that bother us about this network like limitation on downloads and not enough info about material and models, but nothing too serious. This is one network you should look at since they do have some stimulating reality porno action!


Team Skeet Discount

Up to 83% off Team Skeet Discount

Access Team Skeet for one year at 83% off (only $4.99/mo.)

Get Team Skeet for a month at 67% off (only $9.87)


Team Skeet hot videos are what we are fully focused on today. They really do try to only have the hottest 18 and 19 year olds in their galleries and it shows. We are very lucky that they ever decided to branch into this niche of porn because they are doing things professionally and marvelously. The scenes that they have inside are many and we are about to embark on a journey that promises lots of fun and possible huge amounts of cum!

Members are pleased when they learn that they have 19 sites inside. Many will recognize Innocent High, one of the favorites among those who love teen hardcore porn. Critics and reviewers have long stated that this site is exceptional at what it does. You will find the network having 1597+ videos inside and 1571+ picture sets to match the great movies. A big percentile of the videos are HD file formats that are spectacular. Of course older material may be lower in quality but none the less, everything is still filmed to great standards. The zip file they offer is for the picture downloads that you want, and many sets inside are in high res mode also.

The material inside the network comes with date information. This is how we established that they have daily updates across the network. Some of the sites are more up to date than others, meaning that some of the sites are lagging behind when it comes to updates. You will find sites like Titty Attack, Oye Loca, POV Life, Rub A Teen, and many more inside the network. Reality style of hardcore porn features heavy inside this network. You will also see many famous babes and teens inside.

For a massive place of porn such as this Team Skeet discount access, things do seem simple when you want to navigate. You will find the model index helpful and tags that help in the sorting/ searching of the material inside. These guys come with an advanced search feature and links across the network taking you to gals pics and movies. The sorting of material and gals according to certain specifics is possible thanks to the tags provided. You will find different babes showing you different body characteristics inside. The favorites section allows members to group the teen hardcore they find most arousing easily. Interactive elements for commenting and rating are there also.

There is much we could say about Team Skeet, but so that we can give you enough time to have your fun inside, we will keep this short. They deserve your attention because of the entertaining and hardcore teen material that they provide. They don’t monkey around and offer you the professional services you deserve. Investing in a membership here means you will have one of the best deals around. Check them out!


Stranded Teens Discount

Up to 67% off Stranded Teens Discount

Access Stranded Teens for one year at 67% off (only $10.00/mo.)

Get Stranded Teens for a month at 67% off (only $9.95)


Stranded Teens sounds like a horror flick more than it sounds like the name of a great pornsite! But it’s a pornsite that has some interesting material. You have probably seen many movies that show you hot teens being left on the side of the road, completely stranded. Well this site takes this fantasy one step further. First of all the gals look amazing. They also need a lift very badly and are willing to get talked into hardcore sex just so that they can show their gratitude for being picked up. Things are definitely hot inside this site so let’s begin the review.

This particular site is not very old considering they came online in the year 2014. They however have tried to ensure they stick to their weekly updating schedule. They don’t have a massive amount of porn as of yet since there are some 13 videos inside. They do have a flash player for streaming and file formats for downloading. They also have impressive HD mp4 files. You will find the blowjobs very sloppy indeed, the hardcore sex is penetrating, and the filming is very good all round. The videos inside come with high res images. You can download the images and view them later since they also offer you zip file formats.

The action plays out in pretty similar fashion. The camera dude is full of questions when they roll up to the teen asking for a ride. All this talk however doesn’t disguise the fact that he wants to see how she looks naked. The conversation is steered towards sex very fast. The gals is dared to do one thing, flash a boob, then suck a cock, before long she is moaning and getting fucked. The sex happens inside the car, on the sidewalk, in a deserted outdoor place. There is plenty of cumshots.

The Stranded Teens discount website has a navigation that looks nice and easy to grasp. You will be able to rate and comment, model index is available, and sorting options are also there. Membership to this site means you can also visit the Mofos, a network full of sites with more babes and hardcore niches. There are many different girls inside this network and it’s definitely amongst the best in the business.

Stranded Teens has high quality productions in a very captivating manner. With the more material that they add this is going to be a terrific site. Otherwise it would be a hard sell indeed considering the low content count that they have. For this one maybe you should give them some time to beef up or you could just jump right in if you feel you cannot wait. It’s all on you!


FemJoy Discount

Up to 73% off FemJoy Discount

Access FemJoy for one month at 33% off (only $19.95)

Get FemJoy for one year at 73% off (only $8.32/mo.)


FemJoy has a serious thing going on that involves loots of beautiful females, and top quality production. This site has been very upfront about the material they produce from the movement they came out. They do 3 updates every week that are comprised of 2 videos and 14 picture sets. They really beat their chest when it comes to how many different gals and models they have on display (750). It is a source of pride for them that they can bring such beautiful erotica to thousands of fans. They have some flavors, more tricks up their sleeve, and we were very eager to find out more about these guys.

What you see on the tour page is what you get inside the members area. The only difference is that you will be able to now access some 11290+ picture sets and over 620 video galleries. You get tabs like community and members options, where you can do things like adding favorites, looking at archives, and generally getting seduced and filled with burning yearning, as you look at all the fine female specimens that they are offering! The traditional color scheme that you see in glossy magazines is pretty the same scheme you see inside this site. Classy and very chic, they definitely do try to put their best foot forward.

The FemJoy discount site is user friendly and that is a very important thing many people over look. It doesn’t matter how erotic or how beautiful your babes are, if you cannot navigate easily inside the site, members will be mad! The model roaster that they brag about is full of different beauties, from natural looking gals, to models, to super gorgeous divas. You will be able to access various thumbnails inside so that you can preview the material. You will find ratings and comments from other members. They thankfully do have HD videos inside. They also offer you mobile formats, wmv, QuickTime, and the flash player for streaming the action. The shooting and the elegance they go about doing their thing is what will draw many to this site. It’s not hardcore at all, its sensual softcore and glam core material, the purest of female erotica!

You will notice that the quality of the pictures definitely outweighs the quality of the videos, since these guys are really into nude art photography. The pictures have huge pixel quality that can reach 4000 pixels or more. The settings, the gals, the angles, lighting…every minute detail seems to be perfect and that makes the picture galleries superb.

FemJoy is for those who have refined their porn taste and are more interested in exotically beautiful babes, glamour, and nude art. The site looks very professional with very few issues. If erotica is your most beloved niche of porn, you should check out this site!


New Sensations Discount

Up to 67% off New Sensations Discount

Access New Sensations for one year at 67% off (only $9.95/mo.)

Get New Sensations for one month at 67% off (only $9.95)


If you just pop in and check out the tour page of New Sensations, chances are very high that you are not going to want to leave. They have the most impressive promises we have seen from a site or network, since they say that they have cute faces, stars, network updates, exclusivity, and unbeatable quality when it comes to the pictures and videos production. They have a reputation in the industry. This rep is fully fleshed and buoyant meaning that they are respected by industry players, fans, and critics for their incredibly good productions. You are in the presence of greatness and it’s about time we reviewed them so come on!

When you enter the New Sensations member’s area, you will see the design and general network layout that they have chosen. It’s not bad at all, in fact, very clean and professional. We know you are aching to find the material inside and that is what these guys offer you in plenty so hold on! The material that they have is easy to find and sort because they organise their content. You will have filters and tools. The browsing part of the whole journey is not complicated at all. The advanced search features inside helps things move along smoothly.

Now on to the more delicious stuff inside this network! The asses are round and sweet, the gals are wild and sweet, the action is hardcore and definitely sweet! You will be looking at a gallery crammed full of 5080+ videos and some 4644+ picture sets that have over 100 pictures inside each. You will be facing the pleasurable task of having to watch HD material. You will have a nice collection of niche debauchery from lesbian, anal, hardcore, orgy, and various other traditional porn genres. You will even be dragged into the darker parts of sex with fetish niches, bondage, domination action! There is not any kind of pleasurable hardcore sin that these guys don’t dabble a bit with and that is what members are paying for!

They have worked with over 1800 models; they have frequent and reliable updates as well. The videos hammer you with 720 HD quality in various file formats. They should and probably will upgrade to 1080p res very soon. The production quality is breathtaking. Professional producers are at the helm making all the right decision as far as filming goes. This skill is extended to the picture gallery. There are some 21 sites inside ranging all sorts of niches, genres, and model types.

They may not be coming out with revolutionary, game changing pornography, but there is something special about new sensations discount that’s for sure! They have DVD hardcore and pornstars in plenty and they are worth looking into if all you want is quality mainstream hardcore. Traditional porn fan will love this site, check them out! Discount Discount

Access for cheap


The material that “Kink On Demand” is pushing to us all is not your average DVD porno that you can get from the store. This is exclusive stuff that only they produce. The material comes from the ever crazy and freaky bunch of sites. They are 20 to be exact!
Things happen rather uniquely inside this site. First of all, they have different billing system. The token-based system is what they have chosen. You get to buy “kinks” which you use to buy the videos on offer.

Every episode inside is given its own kink value. So you check, see how much they have, and pay. The way they determine all this is not something we can tell you with certainty that we know! It’s just the way they do things. The different videos inside have different values depending on what you choose. The thing about this site is that it’s very exclusive stuff. They siphoned material from Sex And Submission, Ts Seduction, Hogtied, Divine Bitches, The Training Of O, Public Disgrace, Bound Gangbangs, and the other Kink-sites. All the sites are super freaky kinky and bdsm oriented.

They have combined all these videos and pictures and come up with galleries that have 9877+ videos and 9737+ picture sets. Inside this huge amount of pics and movies you will find bdsm, water action, forced orgasm, humiliation, gay action, wrestling sex, bondage, whippings, anal play, shemales, fetishes, and a plethora of other amusing, entertaining, erotic, fantasy action that will make your boner very hard!

You will be able to sample trailers and thumbs before you decide on which video you would like to get. Many of the videos are HD quality. The older material still looks pretty darn good. You will have options like streaming the videos, or simply purchasing the scene and downloading it. Everywhere you look, you will see the quality of! You are given the option of joining the sites from which the material is sourced from. This is normally at a slight discounted rate. They also have third party material that acts as the bonus. You get more than 250 videos.

The intricacy of the bondage or water play action and the creativity of the producers of the video is truly amazing. The gals are also equally impressive whether they are being dominated, or doing the domination! We cannot tell you how many times we just stared and dint move a muscle as the action transpired inside this site! This is one site that knows how to make members feel really happy for sure!

It very easy…you want quality, kink, fetish, action from true leaders of this bdsm niche business, you turn to the discount On Demand. Nothing to debate about here, just go on ahead and join them, ok!


ATK Exotics Discount

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ATK Exotics makes loud statements that they have the kind of quality that is unrivaled in the industry. The site says that they have the best high quality material that features exotic babes. They say they have ebony, Asian, Latina, European, and a whole barrage of sexy ladies inside their galleries.

The site promises that they will keep on expanding their borders and keep on bringing more hot action. All these promises definitely got our attention so off we went to see what’s what! The first taste of material we got inside definitely had a certain amateur tingling fell to it. The search engine that they have provided drives you to the content you want to watch without much fuss. It’s also the best way to find all the videos and pictures that they have inside their galleries.

The old material inside this site is very much watchable, but it has been split into various small clips. You will find that the site has a model directory, which is very handy. You will be able to “taste” the models they have with your eyes, of course, and find out some info about the gals. The directory is linked with the models pics and bios.

The ATK Exotics discount site has grown by constantly adding more erotic exotic gals and action on a frequent basis. As they stand now, they have 5064+ scenes and some 26800+ picture galleries. Clearly, the focus is on the picture side! The material that they have can be looked at as a mix of sex that features lots of niches. The videos are mostly 10 minutes. You get windows, mpeg, mov, mp4 video formats. There is no downloading limit and many videos are in HD formats.

The savable high-resolution images simply make you sweat with increased passion. The material inside this site will show you masturbating and solo gals going all out. You will see the freaky ghetto gals and their incredible sexual skills. Like we said, you will have a lot of genres inside that feature a lot of different gals. The sorting of the material is pretty basic. The gals are arranged nicely inside. You will be able to sift through the list of gals and arrange them according to various criteria like ethnicity, hair color, boobs, body type, etc. This all makes searching for material a simple and uncomplicated affair. The site has an advanced search feature. This means more dissecting of the action. Basically, the search features inside can have you staring at the gal you like for hours and watching material in a very smooth manner. They definitely feel very professional to us!

With daily updates, you will be able to keep the party going and it also helps justify why they don’t have bonus action. Our recommendation is that you consider seriously about joining ATK Exotics. They have the exotic babes and the quality that will make your head spin, and arouse your inner cravings.


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Do you love Japanese chicks? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find them in America and it seems as though the only option you have really is to come visit their country and go pick up girls there and get the best feeling in the world. Then again, getting a plane ticket would only cost you nothing but an arm and a leg. Perhaps a pair of each. Thank god, however, that Jav HD has finally come to its senses of coming back into the scene with more exciting videos. We’re having it up for review today!

Basically, Jav HD is a porn site specialized only for Japanese girls and how they get to fuck Japanese guys as well as foreign males that they want to out of a whim. The very reason why the creators decided to include sexually crossing over the girls with the foreign males is to allow the subscribers to choose videos in accord to their own color and thus be able to imagine themselves as the one on the video simply because they have akin countenance details.

Furthermore, this site is always on the move to satisfy your cravings for kawaii girls and heavenly Japanese excitement. This is way better than Hentai.

So far, the jav hd discount website has grown to a database of 3,400 high quality porn videos. Almost half of the videos are playable in HD mode as much as there are vivid photos that you can find in the 1,800 photo galleries they have at hand. You can have limitless download credentials and other monthly bonuses for only 10 bucks a month. There’s really much to see and enjoy through!


Amateur Allure Discount

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So many a times have I been appalled by the reality that what I see is usually what I get. Nonetheless, the world still never fails to surprise me from time to time in almost everything that I do and to all of the things that I follow. In my most recent experience in watching porn was I awed by all of the things I never thought I could ever witness. My friend recommended me a site called Amateur Allure and from the name of the site itself as well as the thumbnails I see on it, I thought it would probably be just another commonplace nude resource. But, it’s not and I’m happy, and today I will do the favor of reviewing some of the most important aspects of this magical site.

If I were Barney Stinson, I would really say that the site is something that starts with an L and ends with a Y. You know what that is, yes, legendary! In today’s world, we need something that can really evoke emotions out of us to keep our humanity up and running. This site is the three-dimensional porn resource that we all want to have. Apart from getting all the nude stuff in, we get to enjoy the genuine feeling of happiness drawn by sexual pleasure rather than just the pleasure alone, because trust, it is different from the other. The amateur allure discount is one hell of a porn offer since the site features all of the hottest models showing true fervor and excellence in what they do so as to draw more human affinity power to the viewers.

Amateur Allure is proud to present its database of 600 videos, originating from a 500-count. The site updates on a weekly basis, which pretty much explains its exponential growth the same way it raises every subscriber’s experience. You’ll see all the types of porn videos here from all niches. The big difference is how simplistically grand all of them are created and presented. You know, there’s great power in simplicity and you’ll see it here. More than just alluring insofar you will be a changed man by soul. For only $26 a month, you get to enjoy all of these including a high definition play mode and unlimited downloads.


ATK Galleria Discount

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ATK stands for Amateur Teen Kingdom and in the case of ATK Galleria, the main theme throughout the site is that the chicks that appear on here are all between the ages of 18 and 23, so yes folks we are in the realm of teen porn. However, there are so many sites out there that offer the same thing, so we need to see what is different with this particular offering.

Well, to be honest I need to mention the sheer amount of porn that is available through them because it is going to blow your mind. There are 2,600 different models appearing in over 9,000 different movies, and in over 3.1 million photographs. That means that this really is a massive website and when you love teen porn you can see why I feel that you will get far too excited for your own good.

Of course all of this content is nice, but you also want to make sure that it is good enough quality and even here this site is not about to let you down. There is a nice mix of soft core scenes along with full on hardcore fucking and the different models also give you a nice mix of scenes to keep you interested. Speaking of the models, when you land on the home page you will see that they are listed and the site is very well organized as it allows you to see a list of the different scenes that each model is in just in case you fall in lust with one of them.

The  ATK galleria discount site updates on a regular basis even though you do wonder how it is possible for them to find new content to add to a site that is already so full and with content bursting out of it. However, they somehow manage it and we should applaud them for it because they have to be one of the biggest providers of teen porn available anywhere online.

ATK Galleria is the kind of website that will ultimately make you feel very happy when you do indeed stumble across it and take that step in becoming a member. If you want well shot, hot, horny teen porn, then stop wasting time looking elsewhere and just join this site as it will serve all of your needs.


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Ahh good old teen porn has always been a favorite of mine as I have always enjoyed seeing these 18 and 19 year olds getting naked and fucking in front of me. That did of course mean that I was over the moon to be asked to check out Teen Mega World because anything that includes the words teen and mega will automatically grab my interest.

The first thing that I noticed when I logged onto their main site was that this is a network that pulls together 30 different sites in some kind of huge teen porn empire. This is seriously cool and the way in which this main site has been structured allows you to just see what is going on elsewhere in the network as well as providing you with the opportunity to search according to a whole host of criteria and this does just make life so much easier.

I need to point out that you have well over 3000 different scenes to choose from and I would hate to imagine how many different teen porn stars appear on this network as the number must be huge as well. You also get an equal number of photo sets to perv over and the two work well together and provide you with a complete porn package.

Virtually all of the content that is available on Teen Mega World is exclusive to this network and that does mean that they have been pretty busy when it comes to making porn and I love them for that single reason. They also vary the content enough to keep it interesting, so you are not just blasted with hardcore fucking, but there are also some softer solo shots that will tease you to the point of distraction, but it is all good in my opinion.

Would I tell people to join Teen Mega World? I would have to say that I would and simply because I think that anybody that enjoys teen porn of any description could do with being a member here for the sheer amount of porn that you are going to be given access to. This site has some of the hottest teen chicks I have ever seen, so go ahead and bite that particular bullet and sign up now.


College Rules Discount

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Just how many sites are out there now that are related to the college genre of porn? I call it a genre because it does seem to be one of the things that are in fashion right now and College Rules is only one such site. However, when you have competition in the marketplace it does make sense for you to have to offer something special, so do they actually provide that?

We Need To View Their Content.

The best place to begin is with the college rules discount content and I must admit that I was taken aback by what was on offer. You see, this site focuses on chicks between the ages of 18 and 23, but do not let their age fool you because boy do they know how to fuck as if their lives depended on it. They are just ravenous for cock and are not afraid to give it a seriously good fucking right from the outset. Oh yeah, they are also quite keen to get it on with each other as well and clearly that is never a bad thing either.

Not A Lot Of Content, But It’s Fun.

I need to point out that there is not that much content available on the site and they did stop updating it for some time. However, they seem to have picked things up again and are hovering around the 100 scenes mark. This does mean that it is not exactly the biggest site out there, but I should mention that each scene is certainly a lot of fun and it allows you to get your rocks off as well.

What I get from College Rules is that college is now a lot more fun than it was when I went there. The chicks that go are not only hot, but they also love to fuck and let others see how much they enjoy it. You just cannot fail but be turned on by it and surely the number of mature students has gone up as a result?


DDF Network Discount

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When it comes to porn mega sites there are very few that can actually compete with DDF Network. You see, for me, this site pretty much contains everything that I ever look for in a porn website, so does that mean that I will never have to go anywhere else for my perverted fix? You betcha!

Wait A Minute, You Said How Much Content?

This site actually gives you access to all 13 sites in their network and do you want to know what that equates to with the total amount of content? It means that you have in the region of 12,000 movies to check out along with just over 12,000 photo sets. That basically means that you are going to have to forget about having any kind of life and it is all thanks to the amount of porn that is available on this network.

Ah, But Is It Quality?

Asking if the porn on DDF Network is quality is like asking if a bear does indeed shit in the woods. You only have to take a quick look at their home page to discover that these guys really do know how to make porn that is capable of appealing to the masses. I am talking about movies and pics that are well shot, well lit, have cool angles, and offer you everything that you would ever want from a porn film. Do you really need anything else?

So What Do They Do?

The short answer to this is pretty much anything and everything. There are hot chicks doing solo scenes all the way up to hardcore group fucking and every perverted type of sex in between. There are lesbian scenes, chicks taking a cock in their ass, chicks being blasted with cum, positions galore, pretty much anything that you want from a porn site.

Who Needs A Bonus?

Don’t concern yourself with bonuses because you already get access to 13 different sites as part of your ddf network discount membership, so surely that is enough even for the most hardcore pervert out there. You also have to remember that they update on a regular basis, so you should always have something new to look at somewhere on the network every day.

DDF Network is a seriously cool porn site and it is hotter than Hell.


Met Art Discount

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It’s riddle time! What is teeny, timid, teasing and simply beautiful? To give you another clue, it’s where you go for a tour using your computer and internet. It’s where you get pleasure without moving a muscle unless you are about to jerk off. Well, that was pretty straightforward. But anyways, what I’m talking about here is the website we all know for its high quality vids, hot chicks that don’t stop until you get to blast those jizz all over their face for a long while. This website is none other than what we all want.

Met Art is one of the not so many porn sites that estabilshes its credibility by way of delivering the matter to the web that is on the more artistic side. The whole crew behind this site has established a very good reputation in the adult industry. They hire the best models, both experts and amateurs. You can even search through their database for Alexis Texas, Brandy Love and the lookalikes of various Hollywood stars. The creation of the site dated back five years ago, which means to say that the company has been around for several years now, that it is enough to prove their worthy and artistic approach to porn and nudity.

Apart from that,  the Met Art  discount tries to explore the different reactions from it’s users and the site itself explores the reactions of women upon being requested for sex in public. So, you better watch these videos out.

Apart from being artistic, Met Art is a purely massive site. Just imagine the fact that it actually holds over 1100 beautiful videos. By beautiful, I mean to say every detail is captured in a great angle, with a great camera and of course. There are also photo galleries in the site and each gallery can be expanded to 100 photos each. And there are literally thousands of photo galleries. So, what more could you ask for from this site? Downloading?

Yes, you can, as much as you want. All these and more you can get for only 19.99 dollars a month. All the contents are downloadable and most can be played enjoy. So yes, enjoy!


18 Only Girls Discount

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What better way is there to spend all your nights out of work or school other than getting laid with 18-year old women? Or at the very least, women who look and feel like 18? You know, as if they have the vibe for that teen spirit.

Men indeed love bitches who are 18, it’s the time when their vagina becomes legal to bugger with your dick. Anyhow, if you can’t really have someone to fuck yet bur you need a quick fix on 18-year old pleasure, there’s no better place to run to than 18 only girls. 

18 Only Girls is your reference site for porn when it comes to the genre of, you know, 18-year old women. It’s hard to find women who are willing to put out. Or so you think. Truth of the matter is that it’s all in the way you try to deliver yourself. You need to be aggressive in a way that does not disrespect them, and the applicability of this strategy starts for women who are 18.

It is even perhaps the hottest year of their lives where they become more respondent and positive to your intimate inquiry. 18OnlyGirls will show you how that works, with the actors who will do some kind of a social experiment out in the open, asking college students for sex, and yes, they get to fuck with each other.

Once is enough, twice is too much. But when it comes to porn, there’s no way a guy is ever getting enough. On that note, 18OnlyGirls would like to present to you an entire database of women who are only 18, purely meaty and fuckable. There are over 2800 videos that you can watch, where you will see college students or pretty much any 18-year old getting fucked in the mouth, ass and the clit. Wherever there’s a hole.

Anyway, there are also sexual photo galleries that are worth giving the time. All the contents are downloadable and there are lots of videos that are playable in HD mode. All these and more you can get from 18 Only Girls for only 19.95 dollars a month.So yes, enjoy!


We Live Together Discount

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We all have our favorite superheroes, don’t we? The funny thing is that they are actually being mocked in the world of porn. In case you haven’t heard the news, let me give you a quick review on the two mock videos by WeLiveTogether, which is one of the porn sites you will never forget. And I know, 2015 is still a long way to go. There will still be at least more than 15 months until that year comes, and there are still a lot things that can happen until then. But in the movie industry, it would be good to know that a lot of big blockbuster films are in the works that will surely rock everyone’s worlds. So listed below are just a few of these films that movie addicts (including myself) will look forward to in 2015, but are actually parodied by We Live Together.

Man of Steel 2″Man of Steel 2″ : Sexy Batman versus Naughty Superwoman

Yes, ever since it was announced in the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con it has stirred a lot of controversies and questions were raised especially when it was announced that former Daredevil and Argo superstar Ben Affleck will don the cowl and cape in the second installment of Henry Cavill’s Superman. I don’t know about you all but I am sure as hell as excited to watch this as the next We Live Together version over and over again. It features a macho guy who hides under the bat and a Superwoman showing off her tits. They fuck together in the Bat Cave and forget their duties because they will die someday anyways, might as well live together in ultimate hedonism. 

The Avengers: Rise of the Sex-O-Machine

Okay maybe I’m sensing a trend here. 2015 may be a year when comic book movies will rise and take over the movie industry. This second installment of the super successful Avengers movie is Marvel Comic’s very own version of a comics based movie including Antman as well as the reboot of Fantastic Four which will also be released in 2015. For the version, it’s a group of college kids wearing Avengers costumes. They play a game of dare and then they fuck each other. Yet, they have fun and live like it’s 2012, before it was actually 2012.

The real premise of We Live Together, however, is lesbian porn, which is why apart from the two mentioned above, it’s almost all lesbian porn. Lovely. You get great bonuses like the two mock videos per month and get to enjoy over 533 HD lesbian porn videos for only 19.95 dollars a month. I don’t see any reason not to subscribe. 


Hegre Art Discount

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Rain or shine, life goes on. Whatever you may be going through right, you will always have to move forward with your journey. And if it’s of any solace, you should know that you’re not the only one has having a really tough time right now. But, how are other people able to not show their ordeals on the outer?

Simple: They know how to make themselves happy. As a man, you should know what could give you some consolation. That would be none other than a good dose of porn, which is what the Hegre Art discount price is all about.

Many people take sex simply for a hedonistic activity. For others, for those who dare to see with new eyes, they are able to make a better understanding of what sex is all about, that it has to be a form of part. That its appreciation should go beyond the sensual pleasure one gets as the other does. When two people have sex, they are basically being together as one, as it is a ritual that transcends the planes of normality, all the way to the peak of ecstasy. This should therefore be embodied by outer aesthetic exhibition. Hegre Art is in the vocation of doing so. 

Hegre Art always wants to give you the best. And because of that desire to please you, it is indeed able to. One of the things you’ll learn through this site is that sex is designed to transmit and cultivate positive energy, which means watching the 467 high definition videos through it will be of great benefit to one’s being. There are also photo galleries designed to constitute to an online porn museum that showcases the various artistry that stems from the art of sex.

The scenes have been remastered over the past three weeks, too, which means there are added portions into every 25-minute video in the database. The best part is that all these and more you can avail only at 19.95 dollars per month. What else could you look for? Art, porn, it’s complete! There’s just too much to watch here!


Elegant Angel Discount

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Many porn lovers are familiar with the material that Elegant Angel Company has produced over the years. You know that they are sizzling hot in terms of finding models, great production, and entertaining sexing-scenes. And what they have done now is to improve on their quality, quantity, and “sex game” so that they can attract more members into the fold.

Captivating and very entertaining sex scenes are traits of the material inside. There are 2330+ videos that pay homage to this fact! If you have ever seen good production and shady camera work, you know there is no comparing the two.

The guys who make material for this site handle the camera with grace, professionalism, creativity, and a splash of eroticism. The end product they create is fucking and sucking masterpieces.

Niches and hardcore scenes you will find with the elegant angel discount include blowjobs, licking, DP, anal, and lots more. Sometimes the action can be a bit predictable, but what doesn’t change is the quality, and what does change is the entertainment factor, where each video has its own ranking.

Specificity in your browsing abilities is one of the features you will enjoy inside. Favorites can be saved, rating and comments can be given. You will also interact with other members/users inside this site. The material inside has descriptive information and there are links that take you back and forth all over the site.

New punany action uploaded on this site is HIGH DEF quality. The 134+ galleries (fifty pictures in each) are just as good as the videos. Sharp images, colorful videos, super erotic material is all you will find inside. The “behind the scene” section lets you see how things came to be, while you can expect daily updates to come your way.

The site has a restricted downloading format in the form of mp4 files. We would like to see more versatility. The pictures are also not being uploaded as fast as the movies. What these small issues represent is definitely within the margin of error for any premium porn site. Nothing is too alarming anyway!

Elegant Angel High Definition, brilliant videos are enough to make you want to join them right this minute! The fact that they have porn stars, pictures, archives, updates, and other services is simply making the deal even more sweeter for you. This is a porn site that will give you serious good returns on your investment, so think about it and join them!


I Know That Girl Discount

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Get I Know That Girl for a month at 40% off (only $17.95)


I Know That Girl is not simply a phrase, apparently it is now a bona fide porn site. They have hardcore and they have sexy gals. The site is more amateurish hardcore than the normal porn star hardcore.

The premise they are basing their material on is to give people material that features gals who look like former girlfriends. Whether they are really ex-girlfriends featured inside, or whether they are just acting, is a discourse that we will leave up to you and your cohorts to discuss! You can look around before signing up for anything inside the Tour Page, just to familiarize yourself with the smut action these guys are providing.

The thing that this “I love” porn site has done superbly is to dish out High Quality action. Every morsel inside, when it comes to the videos, is HIGH DEF quality. With this kind of perfection in terms of quality, this site definitely passes our first quality check test!

I Know That Girl has lots of amateur porn, reality porn, and young adults porn. They also have 262+ movies that play for a good thirty minutes. You get all the familiar formats like wmv, flv, and mp4, plus they have various bandwidths, mobile formats, and streaming/downloading capabilities.

On the picture side, you get 262+ galleries having 100 or less pictures in each set. “Can you download the sets?” Yes, using the zip file provided. The site’s Weekly updates (hopefully) will make the galleries swell with material in the coming days.

The big bonus you receive is access to a network going by the name MOFOS Network. This mammoth network will fill in the extra time you have on your hands as you wait for more material from this site. At least that is an option that you can explore and another reason why you should consider joining this site. They also have super fast speeds for those downloading material, which is always very welcomed!

For those who go to porn sites looking for “glam-like” navigation features, you might be a bit disappointed with this one. What they have is something functional, but very plain. You can browse various scenes, sort some stuff out, but no advanced menus and tools that will “wow” you!

There are no other major pitfalls and everything else can be chalked up to a growing site that is bound to improve and implement better tools and features.

“What do we think about I Know That Girl?”

Honestly, they have something worth investing in. Even if everything seems pretty standard, you have gems like “network access” to help you find value in buying a membership. They have a solid base on which they can build on and it’s exciting to see what they make of this opportunity.


Digital Desire Discount

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Digital Desire stresses the fact that there are some human desires that are completely universal. Also, the fact that porn lovers have one universal need, quality action in the best production-style available, acts as proof of above mentioned fact.

We all go crazy when we see a sexy babe getting naked and nasty. We have fantasized at some point or the other about approaching this fine looking lady and getting “hardcore busy” with them. Therefore, if this is something you have intimate familiarity with, then this site is not such a bad fit for you. For us, we really appreciate everything that these guys are doing. 

You will see around 1049+ videos inside Digital Desire’s gallery. A lot of these videos are High Def marvels and downloading the wmv file format is not a problem. Don’t get all defensive, and start thinking that the old material is terrible and not worth checking out. It still has good viewing quality.

And you will find various formats like flv, avi, divx, QuickTime, mp4, etc. The action inside ranges from soft-play to solo-scenes where the gals take on rubbing their lovely holes and having lots of fun. Did we mention that the production is done in an erotic and artsy manner? There is background music and lots of moaning. 

There is lesbo action inside that sometimes features some form of toy-play, so there is variety inside. These gals are beautiful beyond comprehension and everything they do in front of the camera comes off as magnificent and seductive. Consider the digital desire discount as a favor from one addict to another.

The site has 2754+ photo sets so there’s plenty to watch there. The downloading feature with the help of the .zip file is very useful for the members. There are shots that have High Res images showing the gals banging bodies in all their sexy allure. 

The guys taking the photos don’t have shaky hands. What they have is good lighting, great creativity, great models, and great skills at photography. The end product is something you can look at every day! The nude women aren’t shy about showing you their love holes, butts, tits, and sexy faces.

The site updates 2 or 3 times weekly, so the waiting process is not that long, you can survive and wait for the updates! And for those days you don’t get videos updates, you will receive picture updates. The member’s forum is interactive and great place to have more fun and find information. 

Conclusion. Class and splendor drips from this site with copious abandon. You really have to see what they have to offer. So click on Digital Desire and let your desire and fantasies flow all over your body.


WowPorn Discount

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Porn sites are grandiose in the way they beat their chest telling you they have all that you need. When you join the site, you will find that what they promised is not what they deliver. One site that we found that matches their promises, to what they have in their galleries, is WowPorn.

You really cannot dismiss what this site has to offer and when they talk of “the most arousing content ever”, you had better believe that is what you will get. Sample some of the preview pictures, videos, and what you see is very titillating action.

When you receive your membership, do not be shocked. When you login, you will be taken to the Wow Fandom Mega-Site. This is basically three sites namely, WOW GIRLS, 18 ONLY GIRLS and the site we are reviewing. You will be able to access all three sites with your WowPorn discount join. 

When looking at the design of this site, you will see the careful care and professional skills used that makes navigation so simple. You will be able to see the newest additions when you click on the Update Section. The other areas are picture and movie sections.

Navigation is increased tenfold thanks to the versatile and useful tags, categories, tools, and search engine. The thumbnails let you “sip” some of the content and find the one with the “right taste!” All this definitely makes the lives of members undemanding. 

The site has over one hundred and fifty videos in its galleries. These videos can be streamed or downloaded. You will go wild with excitement when you see the High Def 1080p wmv and mp4 videos inside. The two hundred and thirteen photosets are equally clean and crisp, with High Res images available. Download the sets you want thanks to the .zip file.

Any person who claims that this site does not have action that merits a second and third look is lying. There are sexy things happening inside that will make you hard. The models are equal parts sexy, nasty, hardcore, entertaining, and freaking gorgeous. 

You will see a variety of niches inside. And every week, the update schedule used by this site delivers more smut sexing on your lap with multiple updates. When you sit down and add up all the good things you will receive with your membership, you will come to one conclusion, WowPorn is a site worth joining.


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We love the reality coed hazing that goes on inside this porn site “Haze Her”. We love coeds and anything that has to do with young sexy sorority gals. What makes this site stand out is the quality of the lesbian action, the creativity, and the element of reality porn brought out by its material. 

To give you a slight glimpse of the material inside, let us tell you the kind of sexual shenanigans the new coeds are made to endure thanks to their “big sisters”. As the hazing begins, the gals will be striped, told to work with sex play toys, licked, fingered, groped, penetrated, sometimes punished with spanking, and made to take part in hot gal-on-gal action.

A lot of the Haze Her material has been put through a blender with lesbian, reality, amateur, hardcore niches thrown in as ingredients to come up with mischievous sexy hazing porn. If we were to affix this site a certain percentage in terms of entertainment value, we would give them a solid 95%. 

For this site, the true value lies deep in the episodes that they produce. The models inside make the material come alive and they are so entertaining to watch as they haze or get hazed. The level of Femdom in play will make your nuts vibrate with wanting as you click from one mouth-watering scene to the next. The concept is well produced thanks to some sharp focus on the part of the directors and the ever willing, hyper sexual coeds.

As for the amount of pictures and movies inside Haze Her, you will have to tone down your expectations. This site has only been operational for a couple of years. Their archives have around 53 movies and 53 picture galleries. 

The movies, even with the haze her discount are full episodes in wmv and mp4 formats. A lot of them are in High Def mode. There is a nice Flash Player for streaming and the episodes can play for almost a whole hour. The pictures and screen caps are lovely and you can use the .zip pack file to download them.

Every episode has some information and description so that members know exactly what is going to happen to those tight, perfect-assed coeds. Armed with your membership, you will be able to locate bonus sites that will give you more material to watch. 

The one main issue many will have with this site is that they aren’t enough movies and pics in the galleries. And even though they are slowly adding new action every week, many consider their updating pace a bit sluggish.

The thing people do not realize is that reality sites with such unique conceptual material usually are slow in updating new material. This doesn’t mean that the numbers will not increase; it just means you will have to practice a bit more patience and stick with them like a dedicated fan is supposed to. 

This sorority sex-hazing site has strong material that is beautifully edited and shot. They have a solid format and layout and the only thing missing is more material but the updates will soon take care of this issue. If you do not mind the small numbers or the weekly updates, Haze Her is a coed porn site worth checking out.


Nubile Films Discount

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Once in a while, you run into something that just shakes you to your core. Nubile Films is one teen porn site that does exactly this. They have hundreds of models, thousands of images and hundreds of movies. 

The TOUR PAGE gives you a sample of the kind of freaky teen action you can expect inside the Member’s Area. According to some sources, the word “nubile” stands for sexually mature and eye-catching gals. When you sample some of this site’s wares, you will be in complete agreement that this is exactly what is on offer.

There is a lot of exclusive material. This means you will search the World Wide Web and come up short since this site has its own exclusive stuff. Secondly, there is a mixture of softcore, hardcore, and lesbian material. 

A lot of the models are young 18 year-old gals but sometimes you will find twenty and thirty year olds as well. There are various solo scenes, masturbation, toy play, hardcore, kink, and other stunning genres. For the pictures, you will have a .zip pack file for downloading. Members receive 238+ photo sets that average around sixty pictures in each.

On top of that, you will be delighted with the 271+ Nubile Films videos with most of them twenty minutes long. There is mp4, wmv, flv video formats, and 720p or 1080p resolution streaming options. The downloading speeds are effective and you will stream all the glamorous gal action you want without much fuss. 

The images and the videos are spectacular with a certain consistency very evident in all the material. The navigation seems to have been made by true masters since its so top notch and clear-cut. There are browsing features that allows you to segregate material according to models, date uploaded, and other criteria.

Nubile Films discount members can create their profiles, rate or tag material, and do a lot of stuff inside this site. The site seems to update on a daily schedule so expect more material and bigger galleries. A more flexible search engine would be nice, but even without it, you will come to love this teen glamour porn site. 


Anybody who is complaining about this site is simply being very petty. They have a winning formula that makes everybody happy and horny. If teens and tight petite bodies engaged in all manner of sexual proclivities is your kind of niche, Nubile Films is the place you need to visit. Nubile Films is a great find and a great investment.


PlumperPass Discount

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PlumperPass is the place to visit for all those who appreciate a woman with a bit more flesh around the hips. As you can deduce from the network’s name, Plump ladies (with a penchant for sucking and riding hard dicks) is the niche that the networks specializes in. The hardcore BBW romping inside will leave you a sweaty mess. 

The difference between the PlumperPass network and other BBW sites is the variety and amount of material members can access. The plus sized mamas inside will serve you hardcore-sex-scene one after another until you are full and ready to emit your precious load! The way the network goes about feeding your sexual hunger is slow and steady thanks to the 6 premium sites inside. To list them, we have BIG BABE BLOWJOBS, FIRST TIME FATTIES, PLUMPERS AT PLAY, BBW DREAMS, HOT SEXY PLUMERS, BBW’S GONE BLACK.

Navigation is as simple as clicking, selecting, viewing and enjoying. The homepage has all the updates and navigation features you need to plump around this BBW network. The 1616+ videos of BBW sexing have greatly improved as the network has grown. I’m talking about HD videos in various formats (wmv, mp4, 3gp, flv).

When you are done with the pounds of sexy flesh inside the vid gallery, 1500+ photosets are waiting for you. Blow up the images to fill your screen since many are in High Res mode. You can use the .ZIP file and save some BBW models in all their fatty glory. 

There is no shortage of big models and deals offered by the PlumperPass discount in compromising sexual situation on this network. The updating schedule is terrific. And the icing on the cake is the network also has various tool and features you can use to watch some hardcore scenes. There is a search engine, tags, model index, and other devices you can use to categories and dissect the Big Bad Women content inside. Interaction is always important, so, after feeding on the networks quality material, leave your comments, ratings, and tag your favorites.

The quality is there, the PlumperPass babes are so hot, the variety is ridiculous, there is really no major downside of belonging to this network. The fleshy sexy models will ravage hard studs, get pounded, strip and tease you to new heights of sexual ardour. Lesbos, hardcore, blowjobs, facials, and lots of orgasms is what PlumperPass does well. 

We simply have to say it, if BBW is a niche that makes you super horny, then this network will help you achieve untold heights of sexual arousal. Check them “BBW fanatics” out!


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If you are looking for 1) quality, 2) sexy babes and 3) lots of sites and lots of material, OnlyAllSites is not such a bad place to start. In fact, it’s the best place you could start. Before you start typing in your credit card details to receive your membership pass, here is some information we have collected regarding this network. 

Members have complete freedom inside the OnlyAllSites network. This means that you can access various sites (ONLY SECRETARIES, ONLY TEASE, ONLY SILK AND SATIN, ONLY OPAQUES, etc). The total number of sites inside this network is 6. The sites are dynamic and well designed.

The variety inside consists of soft core material and non-naked content. There is nothing bad you can say about the babes who appear on this network. They have class, they have style, and they have lots of raw sex appeal. In regards to their body types, you can find petite, curvy, big boob, blondes, red heads, and other exotic-looking gals. 

For a huge amount of the material inside, you will see lots of stripping, posing, lingerie, pantyhose, stockings, and other sexual garments. The network has (impressively) maintained the quality of the material across all the sites. 

Membership gives you 13337+ photos and 4337+ videos. The flash player takes care of all your streaming needs. You will be happy to know that there is 1080p HD videos in .wmv and .mp4 file formats. The stuff that was filmed back in the day is still watchable in the .avi file format.

It is often said that Pictures can speak a thousand words. In this case, the pics inside this network spill gallons of quality and erotica that you can enjoy. You will find HIGH RES images and .zip file for download. 

Inside the OnlyAllSites discount network, the homepage is where all the magic happens. Here you can locate links for updates, navigate all over the network, and use the various features. Material on this network has a time stamp (month and year uploaded), which can be a nifty navigation tool you can use. If you have an idea of exactly what you want to watch, simply let the search engine do all the hard labor on your behalf. 

It would be heavenly if all the sites kept on updating new material every day. As it stands, some sites will be diligent with their uploading while others drag their feet. There is a nice forum section that will keep you engaged as you wait for new updates. The “VIP ONLY TEASE” section is opened after you have been with the network for 3 months. This opens up more babes content for members. 

As a mega site, this network has shown its awesome, quality, sexy, and erotic muscles! OnlyAllSites network is only going to get bigger and better, so, you might as well grab your membership today, right this minute!


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Scoreland is a place where there is loads of action and a ton of boobs that will get shoved into your face. You can search the models in the model directory alphabetically so you won’t have a hard time looking for a particular chick. If a girl has big boobs and she models then there is a big chance she is here.

There are 1500 Scoreland movies and the newer ones can be downloaded in high definition. All of them can be downloaded in several formats and they can all be streamed in a Flash player. There are so many types of boobs here that you will probably lose count and you can’t tell whether the boobs in front of you is fake or not. The quality of the newer videos is much better than the older ones and that is pretty normal for all porn sites.

There are too many photos on Scoreland to count, so a good estimate would be 7000 photo galleries and all of them are high resolution and you can save them all in a Zip file for later viewing. Aspiring members will see the scoreland discount as a true gift from heaven.

There is a three day trial in this website but it won’t provide much so you got to become a member in order to see all the goods. If nice boobs turns you on then there is no reason to not become a member here. The update schedule is pretty unpredictable but from the looks of it, they upload one movie a week which is good enough. It would take some time to get used to the navigation here but you will feel real comfortable once you get used to doing the stuff here. Scoreland is one website you won’t get tired being a member of especially when you want boobs on your face.


OnlyTease Discount

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OnlyTease is a soft core website that showcases fine looking British babes. There are 1741 videos and they can be downloaded in several formats as well as streamed in an embedded player. The new ones come in HD already plus they can be watched in a portable device as well. The videos are a mix of model profile, behind the scenes footage and action scenes that these models perform in.

There are 9160 OnlyTease photo sets and most are in high resolution and can be downloaded in Zip files. The old sets are not that big but they can still be jacked off of. You can actually vote for the best photo sets as each model appears in numerous photo sets but some appear in only one. Some of them actually look alike so you can never really tell since they are all beautiful British babes with lovely accents. They tend to get a bit noisy when they tease the member as they are in some very revealing outfits. Since it is not hardcore, you won’t get to see rough sex happening here.

The 740 British women here show a lot of boobs but not a lot of pussy. This website is probably for those who just reached puberty as adults will not dig what is going down here, but will dig the OnlyTease discount offered. The British girls are hot though and that is enough to get your cock hard in more ways than one. There is a model section if you want to find someone in particular and there is an advanced search engine when you really want to find a certain part of a video. If you got the standard membership then you can only have access to two more sites which is a bummer.

The two OnlyTease websites are Only Melanie and Only Carla. If you want to have access to more websites then you are going to have to pay more which is something most members would want to avoid. There is an exclusive feature called “fast track” and it is where members get to watch a video before it is shown in the members area. It is bound to be something good as each member is given 10 ways to do this each month. Despite the fact that this site has a truck load of content, it is easy to navigate around the site. You are going to have fun during your entire stay at OnlyTease.


ZTOD Discount

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ZTOD is a production company that gave popular porn shorts such as Grand Theft Anal and Meet the Fuckers. This website is all about making all those videos available on your computer. You will never run out of videos to view here since they update on a consistent basis and there are a lot of things to view here. There are 5324 full length scenes coming from 821 DVDs and they include the behind the scenes footage.

Most of the new ZTOD videos that got added are already in high definition and the old ones are not that bad either. Each chick here is so hot, you would wish you will have her all to yourself when the time is right. Unfortunately, that only happens in fantasies so you must not dream that big. The MP4 and Flash options work for the streaming player so you won’t have to wait for the video to load before you can play them.

It is going to take some time before you can find the photos here but when you find them, you are going to find out there are 3200 galleries and they are all posted alongside the videos.

There is a sexy ZTOD series called “Courtney’s Chain Gang” where Bobbi Starr punishes her gals for eating one too many cocks. The first thing they do is get each other ready with lips, fingers and tongues. After that, they turn their attention to guys who can’t seem to give too much attention to them.

It is one sexy series you would not want to miss a second of since the ending is going to be one happy one as girls will get fucked in the end. It would be great to see the faces of these girls while they get mercilessly fucked doggy style. It is also one thing to watch some big natural titties at Big Rack Attack. There is all sorts of hardcore porn here including group sex, anal sex and even Latin chicks who want to have a good time. The members get to see the content here first before it gets shown on DVDs.


Wow Girls Discount

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Wow Girls is billed as the future of porn which means we are in for a nice treat when it becomes year 2020. There are 336 videos and each one is made beautifully. You have the option of watching clips of the movies or the entire thing right away. It covers solo, lesbian and hardcore sex so everything here will be covered. You can choose to stream the movies as well as downloading them. Any option would do as you would still get the same banging quality.

There is no doubt it will be raining cum when the time comes for you to bring out all that gooey stuff from your cock. The Wow Girls are to die for and each of them know they have to please the member in any way they can. There are 576 photo sets here and they include solo action as well as lesbian and group sex. When you sign up, you will get access to another site Wow Porn. After three months, you are going to get access to seven more bonus sites.

You are always going to get something new at Wow Girls every day of the week whether it is a video or a photo set. Porn lovers would certainly love the fact that they don’t have to wait too long before seeing something new on the website. You can also save favorites so you would know the ones that were good. You can also give comments to other videos and read the ones that were left by other members so you can find out what they thought of the video or photo set. There are also free live cam shows with these teen cuties and that is one extra everyone would love. Who would not want to see a horny chick tempt you by removing her clothes? It is really a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This website is certainly going to make you say “wow” on so many levels. There is no doubt this website is one website you will adore for a long time.


GF Revenge Discount

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The premise of GF Revenge is that it is a user submitted site where users get to submit videos of their ex so they can reveal the wild side of their ex for the whole world to see. It seems pretty obvious the entire thing here is staged which means they were not user submitted. There are 273 videos and they look like they were indeed done by amateurs as there are even times when the person doing the camera work gets into the action. It is just a shame how the videos can’t be downloaded so you have to be contented with streaming them at the Flash player.

You don’t have to worry too much since it offers good quality playback. There was one weird scene that started with a naked chick at a party. She obviously had one too many drinks as she whips out the cock of the cameraman and they head upstairs to finish what they started. The crowd loved that but you have to love the excitement in each video and you would wonder if something like that would happen in every party.

The content is updated weekly so a new video will greet you every week when you come back for more. There is a variety of chicks in this website as you will jack off of naked white chicks but your cock will also get hard in the sight of busty latinas.

This site is really worth joining when you take a look at the gf revenge discount and once you get over the fact that you can only stream the videos. As long as you have high speed Internet, you won’t have a problem with that. You will be shocked at how beautiful the girls here are as they got some real tight abs which means they don’t eat as often as guys with beer bellies do.

After seeing the videos on GF Revenge, you would wonder if anybody already won the cash prize or they won’t care about the prize since they just got revenge on their girlfriends. If the girl wanted herself exposed then the videos show she loved being naked in front of the camera.


Sapphic Erotica Discount

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Lesbian lovers will love the fact that there are no dicks involved in Sapphic Erotica. When you are a real man then you would not like having a guy involved in a porn scene since you would rather have your dick put in that gorgeous pussy.

The updates happen often in this website so you won’t be left waiting for something since it will come in a few days. There will be some content here though that you probably saw somewhere else but that is alright as long as it is something that will get stuck in your mind for a long time. There are 1503 movies on Sapphic Erotica and they can be saved in various formats. In fact, a majority of them can be saved in HD which is always a big advantage. There is a lot of action in here and it involves sex toys as the girls get creative while they play with each other. There is a lot of hardcore action here as you won’t be limited to seeing soft core stuff.

There are 1967 photo sets and they can all be saved in a Zip file. All of them involve hot girl on girl action and sometimes there are 3 girls at once. The models are clothed at first but they all get down and dirty with each other which is all part of the fun. They are amateurs so you can be sure they like what they are doing to each other. Another aspect to like is the sapphic erotica discount offered, it cuts the cost to join tremendously.

There are no bonus sites around though but that is alright since the content here is more than enough to get you satisfied. There is a download limit though so you will have to be contented downloading things one at a time. That is all good since you must get sick of one lesbian video by masturbating to it a couple of times before downloading another one. It is nearly impossible to jack off of two videos successively as it would take a lot of effort to do that. There is an advanced search in this adult site which would make searching stuff easier.

All in all, Sapphic Erotica is a great site to start and end your day.


21Sextury Discount

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We are now in the 21st century and a lot of things have changed over the past years. While people originally went wild over sexy magazines, the internet has allowed for a new home for those who constantly feel sexy every now and then. And with all the porn sites you can go with, nothing beats a good dose of 21Sextury.

It is not just your ordinary porn site. It is actually a network of porn sites that are collaboratively worked by dozens of pornography experts. You can go to 18 different porn sites of specially through the network and find the category that best suits your personality or mood. One more thing is that it definitely lives by its name through the production of nothing but 21st century, high quality sex videos of the modern porn stars of today.

If you are a fan of Caprice, you can definitely find a good collection of her videos at 21Sextury. But apart from that, there’s more to a 21sextury discount as you will see.. For one, there’s the 8400 videos that come in different flavors and assortments. There are white women over black or black women over white men. There are Caucasian over Brunettes and Italians over Chinese. Like how awesome is that? You shouldn’t also let the surveillance videos unnoticed. They are totally hot that they can make your underwear drop at a blink. The funny thing about these videos is that they were captured by the makers of 21 Sextury itself in order to expose what MILF’s do over the weekends and several other crazy things you could ever think of about real-time sex recordings.

For as low 9.95 dollars, you are entitled to watch any and all of the videos in the system. You can even download them including the photo galleries in case you love to do some voyeurism, alone business. Nonetheless, the 9.95 dollars will leave you drooling over porn for an entire month.

There’s always something new when you visit the site. So if you want to never lose the element of being surprised, go with 21Sextury where in every visit, you can always find something new.


X Art Discount

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The main purpose of your existence always revolves around achieving happiness. Happiness stems from love and love comes in multitudes, in big and small folds. Love can be found in a healthy diet, and a healthy diet includes proper exercises. Having sex is an exercise the same way masturbation is. If you are a porn addict and you want to explore a new land of porn might and magic, you better check out X Art for a change.

It is a website specialized for soft core porn… Or at least that was the originally concept. X Art has made new ground in the porn industry encompassing a wider of audiences. Perhaps the site has gone international with the kind of content they mill. At the very least, you can expect porn videos fresh from the European kingdoms, the lovely city of Paris in France, the exuding romance of Milan, Italy and to several more magnificent lands in the continent. With X Art, you won’t run out of porn variations, may it be for the local taste or for the international mix.

X Art is jam packed with totally prurient, awesome features. For one, there are over 200 models that are shaped from different geographies around the world. From Brandi Love to the lovely Anastasia, you can truly find a pool of precious, lecherous models here. The x art discount is also terrific. Another feat of the site is that it has over 400 plus videos and counting. All videos are of the highest quality and they are all downloadable so you can enjoy porn on the go. Last but not the least, there are over 550 photo galleries that will definitely leave your mouth drooling… for more and for more and for more.

In addition, there are 15 videos added every month, which means a bunch of more exciting shit to look forward to. And of course, you can get all of these sexy goodies at a price of 19.95 dollars per month, which is the cheapest you could ever find out there with quality so impressive. Totally impeccable, a porn site you can and should never miss!


Twistys Discount

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If you are looking for a pornographic website that has a broad and diverse amount of content then look no further, Twistys is your number choice. The website has a large number of adult videos that can be downloaded directly onto your device, which includes laptop, internet enabled mobile phone or computer.

Twistys has many hardcore sex clips which are all filmed using the most advanced production techniques and in the highest quality. The content, which appears on the website’s main page, is regularly updated. Twistys is also popular in the adult entertainment world. It offers a variety of different image galleries. Users can view high quality files either directly online or download the file via the ZIP file format.

Another benefit of choosing to subscribe with the network is that you can use the twistys discount to access content  that someone has to usually pay full price for. Content is what they really shine in, and that should be important when you are looking for an adult site, right?!

What makes this website favorable is the fact that once you subscribe to becoming a member, you gain access to seven varying websites. People who are always on the move can still increase their sexual arousal by downloading the files of their choice in an MP4 file format. This offers them the opportunity to the watch videos on their mobile tablet devices and smartphones. The videos can be downloaded as a full movie or in shorter scenes. Twistys is full of several different movies, which are all of high definition.

One other thing that makes this website interesting is the available page that shows all content that is waiting to be uploaded to the site. This gives members an opportunity to peruse the page and confirm whether a film featuring their preferable actress will be uploaded onto the site in the near future.


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Playboy TV is famous for its rabbit logo and motif. It is one of the most known adult entertainment brands worldwide. It has remained to be the most popular pornographic website globally. Numerous fans are gathered yearly because of the enthusiasm of ever striving to improve the site. With an always increasing number of content uploaded to the platform on a daily basis, the network has emerged to be the number one preferred website for adult entertainment.

The videos feature some of the most attractive women and the qualities of production used to design the videos are of top standard. The website is also loved for its outstanding customer support system. In addition, this adult entertainment site is easy to operate and includes a sleek and contemporary design, with menu and navigation tools that allows the user to move from one area of the site to the other without difficulties.

Its registration procedure is also simple and direct to the point. It is possible to complete the registration in a matter of seconds. Just be sure not to completely forget the new playboy tv discount offered. All what a new user is required to do is input a few personal details such as email address and user name. Then a welcome notification will be forwarded to their inbox. Once you click on the notification, the registration process will be complete and you are free to tour the exciting adult entertainment site.

The main loading page of the website features all latest uploaded contents and the shows, which were previously shown on Playboy TV, are also uploaded on the site. This is what makes this cable network popular with viewers all over the globe.

Playboy TV has variety of intriguing shows to watch. These include a performance where two women and two men undertake multiple sexual episodes and also foursome erotic experiences.


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Having scooped over 300 adult awards for their incredible hardcore pornographic content and boasting large clientele base that is continually on the rise, it is a no-brainer why Digital Playground is among the crème de la crème of the dominating porn sites in the U.S. and the rest of the world, at large.

Whether it’s fucking, sucking, swallowing or licking, Digital Playground has something for everyone who feels like playing. And as far as your credit card is concerned, Digital Playground goes very gentle on your pockets. A 2-day trial goes for $1, a monthly subscription currently goes for $9.95 (which means you enjoy a 67% digital playground discount right off the bat), and their yearly subscription is only $119.99.

Unlike most sites that rarely cover many niches, Digital Playground goes all out on a variety of niches to ensure that there is always something that pleases you whenever you are in the mood. The fact that you can sort the content by models also makes it very easy to navigate through the site.

Commendably, this site strikes a fine balance in its main attraction, the naughty beautiful ladies, by blending legendary porn stars such as Kayden Kross with new budding talent from various places across the world. It is because of this reason that the quality and quantity of its pants-wetting pornographic content is highly rated above other sites.

To make up for Digital Playground’s lack of a download option for its content, there are close to 3000 movie clips and full movies together with over 1500 picture sets. You can access these movies and pictures once you have made your subscription. The subscription also comes with loads of bonus DVDs for your enjoyment. And the most outstanding aspect of the content in Digital Playground is their unmatched HD videos which are of great quality and give you a very realistic feel when watching. This combined to the fact that you get bonus “behind the footage” scenes of many of the videos, makes paying to play on this digital “cum-ground” very worthwhile!


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If you are looking for a mega site with the best pornographic material from the most handsome men and beautiful women across the world, then look no further than the BangBros Network. With a sparkling reputation of over 14 years of experience in providing juicy photos and hardcore videos of pure nudity from renowned porn stars, you can never go wrong with this site.

More importantly, membership at BangBros gives you unlimited access to a network of over 36 porn exclusive websites, where you can enjoy a myriad of mind-blowing adult content. And the best part about the membership is that it’s very affordable. A 2-day trial goes for $1, Monthly subscription is currently slashed 50% off with the bangbros discount so you only have to pay $14.95, and the yearly subscription is a mere $119.40—which is very cheap, especially if compared to other adult content sites out there. In addition, the BangBros Network has a daily update of quality content which ensures that there is something new for you to enjoy everyday.

And as if all that is not enough, once you get your membership, you are able to download the content from the site for free. This is great news, especially if you need to download the videos and watch them at your own private time or if you loved watching some content and would like to store it for future.

The fact that the videos on BangBros are shot in thousands of different scenes and settings makes it even merrier for people looking for diversified and unique pornographic content.

Apart from the scenes, there are various categories of the content in the BangBros Network. These include wild amateurs, horny MILFS, skilled porn stars who engage in several activities ranging from anals, threesomes to hardcore sex that will get the blood in your veins bubbling for some action.

Moreover, the site is user friendly, thus easy to navigate through. And with the tightest pussies getting stuffed with the biggest toys, girls getting fucked in their apple-shaped bottoms, young girls swallowing cum like its some food, and a lot of hardcore action with hard monster dicks in slippery wet cunts; This network is one porn paradise you would never want to leave once you’ve logged in.


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Naughty America is one of those sites that will either captivate you immediately, or turn you away. Specifically, their site focuses on milf porn as their main offering. Also, they have a network consisting of thirty seven other websites to fill in the niches that are not present on their site.

Despite offering milfs, Naughty America also hits on a number of other niches such as anal, creampie, and blowjobs. They have an award winning site, and are home to seven AVN awards for excellence in adult entertainment. As of right now, they have almost six thousand different videos available for you to view when you become a member of the site.

All of Naughty America’s movies are performed by one of the two thousand different porn stars that they have in their employ. Another great aspect of this site is the fact that they shoot all of their films in the latest high definition, meaning that you will not miss a bit of detail during their shows. For all those deal seekers, there is a naughty america discount sweetening the offer to join today. However, if you like the amateur side of porn, then you will be a bit disappointed with this network.

Since they only shoot in high quality, all of their videos come away with a highly produced quality to their work. The site itself is standard all the way around, with the best and latest up top, and the most viewed at the bottom.

If you are looking to join Naughty America, they have an extensive navigation bar that will lead you just about anywhere that you need to go. They have a three day subscription that only costs two dollars. However, this will not give you access to all of their various sites. If you are looking for a monthly subscription, then you can expect to pay the standard $24.95. A full year is heavily discounted and only costs $7.95 a month in the end. If you want to see some Milfs getting naughty, or have access to one of the largest group of porn sites on the web, then go to Naughty America today.


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Evil Angel is a relatively new site that has come to try to corner the market on real anal porn. They specialize in Gonzo anal porn, lesbian anal porn, and the ever-elusive gaping anal porn. If you have a need for anal porn, all you need to do is go to see the Evil Angels.

While they specialize in anal porn, they are also home to one of the most interesting web series today. It is called Voracious, and features a cast of professional adult entertainers. The story has the same vampires that you can see in any of the new vampire series on television and in the movies, except their show is filled with hot, anal action.

Evil Angel itself is rather plain, with all of the newest and highest rated porn at the top, and the lower rated videos going towards the bottom. The site is also moderately sized, featuring enough scenes and videos to be memorable, but not among the best. They have almost nine thousand different scenes that have been taken out of their one thousand five hundred different movies, not counting the feature length show.

Right now, they employ a network of three thousand one hundred different porn stars. Most of them are amateur girls with no real notoriety, but there are a few of the B-list actresses that can still be found on the site. The content on the site can range between different niches, but most of the action is confined to anal porn. As long as this is your main attraction, then you can be rather satisfied with the site. However, if anal is not the only thing that you want to see, then this may not be the site for you. Other sites have partnerships with other networks that help to cover the large gaps in their niches, but Evil Angel does not have anything life this.

If you still want to join, all you have to do is go to the members area and sign up. They have a trial membership that only costs one dollar for three days of access to the site. If you want to join for a month, you will pay the standard fee of $39.95. They have a discounted rate for a full year that only costs $7.95 a month. So, if anal is your number one niche, then head over to Evil Angel and see what they are all about.


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You can never be sure about the number of scenes and videos at Mr Skin since they have been around since 1999 and they update daily. They even have a Mr Skin minute so you would know the latest updates in terms of the celebrities who showed their skin on TV or in the movies.

Mr Skin also gives his insights if it was terrible or not so you would get a fine recommendation right away. The biggest names in Hollywood are all here showing the goods. They even have clips from movies that are way back in case the celebrity has already changed her mind about showing her goods to the public. There are more than 20000 celebrities here so it is possible you don’t know most of them.

There is no doubt you will be getting all kinds of celebrities here from the ones earning $20 million a movie to the ones you haven’t seen in the big screen for a very long time. They may be retired but their nude scenes will live on forever at Mr Skin due to the large archive here. Also know that just because the actors get paid handsomely doesn’t mean you have to pay for their part, use the mr skin discount and get some slack.

The celebrities can actually be sorted out to whether they have shown their bush or not. There are also playlists according to certain themes like hotties getting hosed and they come from different movies you never knew existed. When you get a load of the movie scenes in this website, you would want to hunt down the movie then watch it by yourself. The updates page gives you links on the new updates today, yesterday, the day before yesterday and so on. You can rate everything here so you can let them know what you think. Each celebrity has her own biography and a short background so you would know what she is currently doing. You can also rate each celebrity if you want.

If you want some softcore celebrity fun then Mr Skin gives you what you are craving for. The celebrities here are going to make you happy for several days since some of them have fake tits.


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The stuff at Mofos came from the same people who brought us Brazzers which means it is original and good. They have over 11 fantastic websites there that have a new scene up everyday. Members are going to be satisfied with what they are going to get which is nothing but non stop amazing porn.

Mofos is one network that is easy to recommend to the average porn fan because they have everything you need in a porn site and even a mofos discount to further enhance the stimulation.

One of the websites there is College Bash and it is one website that gives access to the wildest college parties you will ever see. Everyone wants wild college girls since they typically are amateurs so they want to have fun. They also get in action which means tons of blow jobs, hand jobs and even doggy style sex positions. You will certainly wish you can enroll in college again but that won’t be possible if you are already in your 30s.

Teens at Work gives you teenagers who have the nicest bodies you will ever see. Most of them even have six pack abs and that will make you wonder what they do in order to have that kind of body. They have that look in their eyes that they can’t wait to get into some fucking with some lucky customer or their impatient boss. You will be the one guessing which one truly deserves it but of course the girls will choose who to fuck.

Can She Take It is one website that shows some girls really have some awesome talent. Day with a Porn star is a reality show that takes you what a porn star does in a day’s work. You will find out what she does every day in order to keep in tip top shape. If you are curious as to what a porn star eats and how she maintains a nice looking body then this is the website for you.

Mofos World Wide is one website that brings beauties from all over the world as they experience one hell of a fucking.


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The devil may have given you his due when you join Devils Film because you are going to get a ton of girls doing really nasty things. There are 4894 full length scenes and 30% of it is available in high definition.

You can choose to stream the flicks or download them and watch them later. You also have the option of watching the scenes in your portable device so you can masturbate while in the comfort room. The only bad side is you won’t be able to leave any comments here. There are 1539 photo galleries but you won’t be able to save them in Zip files which is a real bummer.

The girls on Devils Film come in different positions namely threesome, blowjobs and hand jobs. The bonus sites here are not something to be ignored as you are going to be given access to over 30 bonus sites. All the websites came from the Fame Digital network so you can be sure they have good quality. You can save your favorites and rate them at the same time. You can give high ratings for the videos you think deserves those ratings and that would suffice the fact that you can’t comment on the videos.

The quality of the girls here are overwhelming as they could be the average girl whom you had a crush on when you were in high school but you were afraid to talk to because you might fail. You will find all categories of porn here so you won’t easily get sick of it. You will be surprised at the amount of people who are already a fan of this website.

You are going to be more than happy to recommend Devils Film to your friends and hope that they become a member for their own sake. The average porn lover is going to be more than happy to become a member here since they update often and the content is huge. There is even good quality playback on the old videos even if it is from 5 years back.


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You will find out that VideoBox has some awesome porn at the best price. You won’t have to worry about paying a big monthly fee and you will even get access to over 15000 DVDs. Some of the content here could possibly be seen in other porn sites but if the videos are that good then you can’t blame other websites for containing those videos. There isn’t an advanced search here so the basic search would do just fine.

There aren’t any picture sets on the VideoBox website, but there is a truck load of scenes namely 88183 and 4500 come in HD format which isn’t bad because that means you would be able to enjoy viewing those 4500 twice as good. For each video, the thumbnails are given and you can choose to omit some scenes before downloading them. It is like editing the video so you can choose the way you want every video to be. The updates here come in bunches and the website is even updated daily so you won’t have to wait that long before the next video comes to your fingertips.

You can browse everything here by title, model, series or even studio. Once you see a video you really like, you have the option to add it in your favorites so you can view it at a later date. The value for the price you will pay here is unbelievable with the videobox discount we have. There is also a cool feature called flow mode where 20 porn scenes are all flowing at the same time. You can click on one of them and it will flow right in front of you.

You won’t notice how fast time flies by when you are watching the flowing as you can masturbate to all those videos at the same time. You will even get a roku box for free when you choose the 18 month membership option which is a really cool deal. You are always going to be tempted to join this website because it is such a good deal. You will enjoy the goodies on VideoBox at such a low price. How can you resist that?


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Dogfart, despite its name, is a legitimate niche adult entertainment site that specializes in interracial porn videos and pictures. If you want to see tons of videos of ebony on ivory, then this is just the site for you.

This collection of twenty two interracial porn sites has been the recipient of multiple awards over the last decade. Once you get past the disclaimer, saying that you are ready to see the hottest interracial porn that the internet has to offer, then you are taken into the site to the homepage. Here, they have broken down the available porn into several categories which include cuckold sessions, black meat and white feet, glory holes, and even interracial gay porn.

Every action that you have ever wished to see by interracial couples on camera can be found on this network and you lose nothing when using the dogfart discount too. Perhaps one of the best features of this website is that it is partnered with twenty two other sites on the internet; all of which can fill in those little, missing niches in your adult entertainment experience. All of these features strong interracial porn overtones, and let you get a truly complete experience in this oft-overlooked area of porn.

Another quality aspect about Dogfart is that all of the scenes made in the past year have been shot in the latest form of high definition. Joining Dogfart is easy, and allows you to connect to their entire network of interracial porn sites. These sites feature a collective twelve hundred girls, thirty five hundred scenes, and just about six hundred thousand pictures that have been gathered from all over the web.

When it comes to joining the network, they offer a 99 cent trial version of the website as well as the usual $29.99 monthly membership fee. For the full year membership to the Dogfart network, you will only pay $9.99 a month! This gives you access to the full twenty two sites and literally thousands of interracial videos. Do yourself a huge favor, and sign into the Dogfart network and see just how they won all of their awards.


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Playboy Plus is exactly what you would expect from the online version of the infamous Playboy. As soon as you log on to the site, you are greeted by a taste of the latest nudes that are featured on the site.

Unlike any other professional online porn sites, Playboy Plus offers nude celebrities shot in high definition. This site has all of the quality that you have come to expect from the greatest adult magazine every produced. Like they have changed with the times before, all of their material is now available at your fingertips. Every Playboy bunny, every special edition, and every celebrity nude picture dating back to the seventies.

The best part about this site aside from the playboy plus discount shown, is that instead of being confined to the pages of a magazine, they are able to fully expand and include everything online that they could not show in their magazines. This includes a whole plethora of amateur action that was simply too hot to be printed. Once you get past the disclaimer, you are taken to the homepage, where you are greeted with hot celebrities, Playmates, and amateur girls. These are not your run of the mill girls; each one of the one thousand Playboy models are high quality and guaranteed to be smoking hot.

When it comes to what is available to the full members, everything that was previously mentioned is there as well as a mixture of over one hundred thousand pictures and videos. Also, you are offered unlimited high definition streaming and downloading straight from Playboy Plus.

Joining up is even easier than getting Playboy subscription. You can get a two day pass for just one dollar. That is just how sure they are that you will not be able to resist joining up for a full month, which only costs $14.95. Like most other high caliber websites, if you choose to purchase a year subscription in advance, you will receive an amazing discount. The year total will be $119.88, which works out to $9.99 a month. So open up a new tab and type in Playboy Plus, where you can see all of the exclusive videos and photos that you can’t see anywhere else.